Look: Red & White on repeat + how to never (really) grow up




Red and white star print mini dress: ASOS | sneaks: converse | sunnies: Gucci | Leather jacket (tied around waist): Zara (old… similar ones linked here and here)

This past weekend was the annual “Broadway Bomb” — a skateboard race that starts all the way uptown near Columbia University, and ends all the way at the southern tip of Manhattan near Wall Street. Tim does it every year, and this is our second year bringing Nolan along with us! I wore this red and white star print mini dress, remixing it from NYFW when I first wore it with white booties and white sunnies for a dressier look… for this casual day running around the city, I dressed it down with classic white converse kicks and a leather moto jacket tied around my waist ( bc we’re in that awkward time in October where it’s freezing in the morning and by 2pm you’re sweating your butt off).  If there are two stand out “trends” or “colors of the season”, It would be safe to say that RED and WHITE, particularly paired together, are IT. You’ve prob already seen red and white EVERYWHERE on your insta feed, with good reason— they feel fresh, clean and a little retro, in a 90s hip kinda way— both red and white bring a lot of drama to a look, not needing much else to make an impact.

Side note, I titled this post “how to never really grow up” — because this particular event (the skateboard race) just makes Tim and I feel like we’re still 15 years old, hanging out at the local park — my friends and I watching the cute local boys skateboard, sippin’ on a Snapple iced tea, prob wearing something from Pacific Sunwear or Delia’s (omg !!! Who else used to die when the catalogue came?!) Maybe it’s because Tim and I met in middle school, and here we are married for 9 years this year… (!)… I just feel like we’re still the same goofy teenagers we were all those years ago.  Even though we both have well established careers, own and home and ARE PARENTS (!) , I still feel like I never really grew up! We try and do fun things that make us feel the simple pleasures of being a kid— little things like riding bikes and skating around the city, camping out on the beach, eating ice cream for dinner, laughing at “poop” jokes (sorry mom), making up silly songs… Even though we have a kid of our own now, we’re still kids at heart.  I don’t take myself too seriously, and try to approach life and it’s challenges with the mindset of my teenage self— where you live in the moment (bc cell phones and the internet hadn’t run rampant yet!) and didn’t really stress about the big things yet.  I think a lot of times, adults feel like they have to act, dress, and BE a certain way in order to be taken seriously— I’ve found though, that as long as you’re a good person, who does the right thing, works hard and treats others with respect, you can still “adult” and take command of a room, even while wearing overalls 😉

Just some thoughts for the week ahead!

Xo, ❤