What We’re Doing: Summertime Outdoor Movie Nights

Just a quick one here- wanted to make a place where you guys could easily access the best summer outdoor movie schedules in NYC, plus share a few tips from us pros!

Tim and I have been going to outdoor movie showings in NYC for years, and when Nolan came along of course we had to introduce him to the tradition! Now, of course, you can just stay home on your comfy couch and Netflix any movie easily on your own time- but to us, that’s not the point. It almost doesn’t matter what the movie is, it’s such a cool communal, shared experience that just feels so SUMMER. There are various locations around the city, really in every borough, that host these nights; almost all are free; some require signing up online first to reserve a spot. Some pro tips from us:

1. Get there early: if the movie start time is 8:30 (sunset in the summer), get there by 6:30 to get a decent spot!

2. Bring comfort, but read the rules first: most venues don’t allow chairs bc they block other people’s views, but all encourage you to bring picnic/beach blankets or pillows!

3. Pack food and drinks: this is the time to bring a picnic- we’ve done sandwiches, to Korean takeout, to a pizza pie- anything goes- sometimes we try and plan food around the movie theme if we’re feeling ambitious! In terms of alcohol, check what each venue allows, but all allow non alcoholic drinks, just no glass bottles.

4. Bring games: bc you’ll be likely hanging out waiting for the movie to start, being card and board games! Obvi Nolan is partial to Uno😏, but we’ve totally nerded out and brought full on Settler of Catan (ha!) and other board games- it just adds to the experience.

5. If you’re bringing kids, try not to stress about bedtime: when we brought him to Moana at South street seaport this past week, we were out till 10:30, since the movie didn’t start till 8… but IT WAS FINE- aren’t your best summer memories all around staying up wayyyy past your usual bedtime?!

Ok so lastly, here are some links to some comprehensive NYC outdoor movie schedules we use:






Xo, ❤