What I’ve Bought, Worn & Loved from Amazon

If you’re doing any Amazon Prime deal shopping, here are some of my all time favorite, most worn and loved, most played with and used, fashion, home, & family items! I’ve you’ve been a long time follower, you KNOW you see these items on repeat- here they are all in one place for ya!

Happy shopping🙃



Ultra flattering bathing suit / paperbag waist denim shorts / white shoulder pad tee (comes in a ton of colors!) / my go-to ruffle mini skirt/ the cult fave Amazon sunnies that look good on everyone
Suction cup bath and table toys / fort building kit / marble run / plastic building tiles / wagon with drink table
Wicker floor cushions / bamboo dish rack / marble bathroom accessories/ white and gold teakettle / acrylic bookshelves

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