Mix Must: White Loafers



I get asked all the time what my go-to shoe is for running around with a toddler, but also looking stylish— for when you don’t want the sporty look of a sneaker, but you’re not a ballet flats kind of girl (they were never for me either— too girly lol)… my answer is and always will be A LOAFER MULE, duh, preferably in white! Something about a white shoe says “I’m bold but not showy” , chic yet understated— a fashionable, yet practical mom (or non-mom who isn’t feeling a heel at the moment). To be honest, I don’t understand how every woman doesn’t own multiple pairs of loafers or loafer mules already! They literally are the perfect shoe. Now I know not everyone is a nut like me, boldly baring my ankles in mules all winter lol— those of you who prefer not to have frostbitten feet… I’ve included some regular white loafers as well! I’m also aware that my Gucci loafers are a total splurge ( although the cost per wear makes them totally worth it! I wear them ALL THE TIME and they feel like BUTTER)… so I’ve included my picks at all price ranges.

happy shopping!

xo, ❤



Gucci Peyton Mule: $790


Free People white mule :$98


Rebecca Minkoff : $195


Franco Sarto: $98


Linea Paolo : $119


Sam Edelman: $85


Nine West: $50

Mamahood: My Thoughts on “Number Two”


Rust faux fur bomber | THE MOST FLATTERING LEGGINGS | Lace up Shearling boots | sunnies | Nolan’s boots | Nolan’s coat


Striped turtleneck | my fave black jeans| white booties | faux fur jacket: Tibi (old)

If you’ve been following me for awhile, and read my previous motherhood posts, you know that I was never a person who dreamed of becoming a mother. When we played house when I was a kid, I usually was more interested in creating the stories surrounding what we would be DOING with our baby dolls rather than actually taking care of or holding them (would we be turning the couch into an airplane to go on a trip? Or what was the best way to create a restaurant in the basement in order to serve our stuffed animals plastic play food?). So when we had Nolan, ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO, I was nervous to see if I had ANY maternal instinct at all— I’m a full time teacher after all, but I teacher older kids— and I never was one to want to hold babies or play with them or whatever it was that you DID do with them! Luckily, (or maybe naturally) it turns out that I do like being a mom— the instinct or whatever we want to call it, did kick in… and transition to motherhood really has not been all that difficult.

Because we struck baby gold.

Now, before I continue, let me preface this by saying that I already feel guilty saying that— Nolan is and always has been SUCH AN EASY BABY— little of which we can really take credit for… yes, Tim and I are easygoing people for the most part, and decided early on that Nolan would have to fit into OUR lives, not the other way around (hey, we were here first, right?!)… but I definitely think that he really was just born with a chill personality. He slept through the night at about 2-3 months old, and still sleeps straight from 8am -8pm. I think I’ve heard him cry a total of 5 times over the past 20 months. He’s independent, plays by himself and doesn’t whine. He eats pretty well, and cleans up after himself. I swear guys, I’m not bragging… it’s just the way he is.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Inevitably, after your baby turns one, people want to know when you’re having “number two” (the middle schooler in me who never grew up is laughing REALLY hard at “number two”!!!). And the first thing that pops into my mind is that saying “One is like none and two is like ten” (or something like that)… life is SO good right now; or little trio is so easy to manage (but don’t get me wrong, it’s not like every single moment is perfect lol… Nolan of course has his moments!), we love to randomly pick up and go on impromptu adventures… and I’m TERRIFIED that a second baby will change that.

What if “second baby” is nothing like Nolan… what if he or she is colicky or demanding or cries all the time or doesn’t sleep or has (god forbid) health issues?! Please don’t mistake this last sentence for me seeming bratty or spoiled — I am well aware that many couples struggle with way worse concerns like infertility or have children with real, actual health challenges, and OF COURSE I know how lucky I am to have gotten pregnant and had a healthy child to begin with… but isn’t it natural for all of us to have these worries? I didn’t seem to have these same apprehensions before having Nolan because I had literally no clue what to expect… now that I know how good it can be I’m so afraid that it will never be as good as this… As they say, lightning never strikes twice in the same place, right?

As I write this, the logical part of my brain is already trying to reason with my emotional side— it’s telling me how I’ll adapt no matter what, how I’ll love “second baby” just as much, how he or she will be special in their own way, how we’ll figure out how a family of four will work the same way we figured out how to make it work with one baby. Moms of many, you’re prob rolling your eyes at this post, but maybe, a teeny part of you remembers having these same fears before you had “number two”?

So that’s where I am when it comes to having another baby. I know it will all be ok, as pretty much everything if life always is. Please comment and let me know what you think— who feels the same way? Any words of advice? Let me know!

Xo, ❤

New York at Christmas


The Forever classic at Rockefeller Center


Lotte New York Palace


The light show at Saks Fifth Avenue


Radio City Music Hall at 50th and 6th


Outfit details: Checked Blazer | Leather mini skirt | Lace up boots: Zara; similar here  | sunnies | bag: Chanel

Hands down, there is no better place to be at Christmastime than New York. It’s like being in a living snow globe— holiday music wafting from every corner; more beautifully decorated trees than you can count, and store windows that will literally blow your mind (and wallet!).

Below, a few of my fave Christmas “date” ideas (Romantic, friends, or family!), by neighborhood!

1) Uptown:  Last night, we took Nolan to see two of our fave trees; one being the classic Rockefeller Center one, complete with the Saks holiday light display (which brings us to tears literally every year!); the other being the Lotte New York Palace courtyard tree.  The former is an obvious must see— make sure you go on a weekday morning or afternoon… we went around 3:30 and the crowds were really not that bad! The latter, the Lotte NY Palace tree, is a lesser known spot— it was literally just us and a few cute couples taking pics. It’s in a private courtyard right off of Madison Ave… you can walk right in and see the tree up close and get awesome pics with little to no disturbance (hmmm as I’m writing this I’m thinking this may be our spot for next years xmas card pic!)…

Another photogenic and fun spot to visit is the corner of 50th and 6th ave, right outside Radio City Music Hall.  Even if you’re skipping the Christmas show, the giant red ornaments are right on the corner, with fountains and a nice area to sit around with a cup of cocoa and a snack (Nolan loved throwing pennies into the fountain, making “weesh” <3).

2) Midtown: the Winter Shops at Bryant Park, complete with skating rink, and plenty of food vendors, is a NYC must around the holidays. We went a few weeks ago on a Saturday, and even though it was really crowded, it totally put us in the holiday spirit!

3) Meatpacking: Another fave spot to visit around the holidays is Gansevoort Market down in the Meatpacking district. Grab a quick bite amid adorable holiday decor, or head to Bubby’s Highline or the Standard Grill,  then grab drinks at the Biergarten and go skating at the ice rink at the Standard Hotel!  

4) Madison Square Park: take in the tree & decor and hit up Shake Shack all at the same time! The iconic Flatiron building is right across the street as well— perf for a holiday pic!

If you live in the area or plan on visiting, try and plan a festive date— and let the holiday spirit fill you with cheer!

Xo, ❤


My Six Picks: Aviator Jackets


Jacket & boots: Zara | jeans : DL1961 | bag: Saint Laurent

If there’s an “it” jacket this season, it’s the oversized “aviator” jacket— and I love these for so many reasons.  Often in (faux) suede or (faux) leather, with a shearling or fur collar and cuffs, they’re at the same time functional and chic— tomboyish in an “Amelia Earhart- rogue” kind of way, modern yet classic and timeless. If you like a motorcycle jacket, THIS is your winter version— they can be worn basically with ANYTHING, just as you would a moto jacket— to dress down or edge up a dress or skirt, with jeans or leather leggings, or like I did this morning, to “pull together” a really casual Sunday- deli- run look, over leggings and a sweatshirt with sneaks— I immediately felt less lazy! Below, shop my “six picks” at a variety of price points!


1) $95– Faux suede and shearling coat: the perfect oversized fit, in a go-with everything color


2) $79– Faux leather gold statement jacket: not for the shy, this is such a great outfit making piece— wouldn’t be surprised if this makes the NYFW cut for February!


3) $70– Faux suede and shearling jacket in grey… if you’re looking for a neutral color but don’t want another black jacket, this one is SOOO good for the price point!


4) $170– Faux shearling and leather aviator jacket… this is the classic… just the right amount of a boyish fit, super soft faux shearling with edgy details!


5) $58– Faux Leather black on black aviator jacket.. this one looks way more expensive than it is— the details are so good and the black on black is super chic!


6) $158– Vintage check camel aviator jacket… as I’m typing this, I’m realizing I need this one too! It has great 70s vibes and is statement making without being too loud… the pattern is everything.

so guys, get shopping! As the cold weather rolls in, these jackets are just perfect in so many ways! Have a great week…