Vegas Style, My Way


The SLS Las Vegas-– the BEST part of our trip, super highly recommended!




Black and White Polka Dot Top | Black cutoff shorts | Suede Mules: Gucci | White Sunnies: Saint Laurent 




Born in the U.S.A. tee| Denim skirt (Asos old, similar here and here) | Suede Mules: Gucci | Sunnies and bag, same as above



Printed ruffle off the shoulder swimsuit | Denim cutoffs | Gingham sandals | Aviators: Givenchy

Hey guys! So if you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know we went to Las Vegas for the first time this past week– Tim was fighting in the Jiu Jitsu World Championship there, and we’d never been, so we figured it would be a good reason to go!  You guys know that we’re big proponents of  bringing Nolan EVERYWHERE, but this time we actually opted to leave him at home with Grandma– Vegas pool parties and the night life scene weren’t super baby-friendly– but also, let’s be honest, we wanted a little adult time for ourselves!

Other than leaving Nolan, my other source of apprehension (slight) was what to wear in Vegas– there’s a reason I reached 34 and never have been– I always judged it from afar as “cheezy” (purposely with a “z”), over the top, gaudy, and too glitzy for my taste– we’re more “chill Montauk beer drinkers” than “fancy fruity cocktail in the club” people for the most part…I’ve never owned, not would ever wear a Herve Leger type dress or anything that in my mind, people in Vegas wore.  So to sum up, I def had trouble packing!  When we got there though, I saw that people pretty much wore whatever– there def were a solid amount of overly tan, overly sparkly, overly EVERYTHING types, but lot’s of normal people as well …and my apprehension over what to wear melted away (with the over 100 degree heat).  I wore what I like, and stayed true to my style, as I always do.

For the first look above, to dinner one night I wore this black and white polka dot button down top tucked into black cutoff shorts, with my new marigold suede mules, white sunnies to give the look a retro Vegas vibe, and my red Chanel to add some more color interest.  I used the same accessories to ground my second look (on vacay I try and remix as much as I can!)– a Springsteen vintage looking band tee with a classic denim mini.  For the Wet Republic Pool Party (so glad I went– alot of fun, albeit not my usual scene lol…AMAZING people watchng!), I wore an off the shoulder “baroque” printed one piece swimsuit, which doubles as a bodysuit with denim shorts…accessoriezed with my fave black and white gingham sandals for a little print mixing action.

Overall, I’m happy we went– we stayed at the SLS Las Vegas, WHICH WAS AMAZING !!! It def had a more Miami vibe than a cheezy Vegas one– smaller, not on “The Strip” and a little more sophisticated if you ask me.  Their pool was incredible, decor on point, and food (Katsuya sushi, Cleo for Mediterranean, Umami Burger, Perq coffee…) choices were perfect.  On the morning that we left, the counter person at the in house coffee place asked me what New York was like compared to Vegas– and I replied, “It’s a REAL city”.(lol)…because that’s the thing about LV– it just feels so artificial, so man-made, so purposeful– which, like, I get it– that’s the point– I guess I just prefer the subtlety of New York, how it feels old, and comfortable and classic and just REAL!

What do you guys think about Vegas? What do you like or dislike about it? Let me know!

xo, ❤


Trending for Fall: Polka Dot Pieces

File_000File_001Navy and White polka dot dress | Loafers: Gucci Peyton | Sunnies: Saint Laurent

File_002Black and White polka dot romper | Tan suede mules | Sunnies: Saint Laurent
It’s funny how you swear that certain trends, colors, patterns, or styles are just so not YOU (polka dots, purple, kitten heels are a few of my personal no-nos), and then BAM, all of a sudden you find yourself wearing one of the above two days in a row?! For me, this was the case with polka dots– I always found them way too cutesy, retro (not in a good way), and for lack of a better term, downright CORNY! I mean, come on, don’t you guys normally associate the peppy pattern with old ladies’ church dresses and white tights on two year olds?! But when Saint Laurent does polka dots for their F/W 2017 collection, suddenly, the previously cheesy, childish pattern seems rockstar and …actually really, really cool. Now, I’m not a slave to trends, by any means– and I don’t ever advise to blindly participate in a trend just because “everyone is wearing it” — but I’m also not one to advise closing yourself off to anything in life permanently (except for mayonnaise– mayonnaise will NEVER be ok.) So, for fall, I’ll be wearing polka dots– as will many fashion girls– alongside churchgoing grandmas and the preschool set. Some tips on how to avoid looking like the latter two categories:

1. I prefer my dots small– oversized polka dots read a little too young for me
2. Keep the color palette sophisticated– black and white, navy and white, red, grey, mustard, neutrals…you get the idea– pink polka dots are just no.
3. Temper the pattern with something edgy, boyish or sharp– a pointed toe loafer, a slick bootie, white accessories, a leather jacket… avoid anything too feminine or saccharine looking.
4. Go for unexpected silhouettes– a jumpsuit, romper, low cut or off the shoulder piece brings contrast to the traditional pattern.

Shop some of my favorite polka dot pieces for now into fall below!

xo, ❤