NYFW September 2018: What I Wore, Where to stay, and How to Get Invited


Hey guys! So here’s Part 2 of this season’s #NYFW coverage- this post will focus on the more personal side of fashion week- what I wore, where to stay and eat, and how to get invited to events and shows!


Anine Bing Tee | Leopard skirt (similar here and here) | lace up boots | oversized denim jacket


Fashion week lunch at one of my fave spots, Gotan, right around the corner from where most shows are: lots of charging stations, grilled cheese, soups, coffee, mint lemonade- need I say more?!

1. What I Wore: the above look was my outfit for the first round of shows… sometimes I’ll do multiple outfits in a day, but this season, it rained almost every day so I honestly just didn’t feel like changing! So one look per day it was! When I put together looks for fashion week, it’s super important to still feel like “me”— I think some people kind of go a little nuts in terms of almost wearing a costume- which , hey,  do YOU, right? But for me, I really try to build my looks using pieces I KNOW I’ll wear again and again- ones that have “remix” power if you will.


Gucci Tee | Floral kimono | red boots (old Zara, similar here) | jean shorts | vintage Fendi


For instance, this Gucci tee was def a splurge (I actually had to eat my own words on this one- having said in the past that I would never spend more than $100 on a tee! Just goes to show, never say never!). My justification is this: I’m a tee shirt kinda gal, so why not splurge on a classic that I’ll wear forever?! I literally wear it at least once a week.


Mixed print dress | white mule heels | Belt bag

While I don’t normally wear a ton of dresses, I loved the bold mixed print of this one- if you’re gonna step outside your fashion box, fashion week is the time to do it! I kept the look “me” by adding white mules and a belt bag.


Red floral suit : Zara| Gucci mules (similar for less!) | Parisa Wang bag

This was my fourth and final look for my last day of shows- and I loved it! You guys know I love a special blazer, and this one will be easy to remix all fall and winter to jazz up jeans and tee combos, or with a denim or leather mini and sneaks or boots.

2. Where to stay:

I get asked this question a lot, mostly from blogger friends of mine who are coming in from out of town to stay in the city for fashion week. For the past few seasons, most shows have been at Spring Studios in TriBeCa and Industria in the meatpacking district. You’re best bet to be close to the action, is somewhere downtown, in TriBeCa ( we LOVE the Roxy hotel- walking distance to the shows at Spring Studios, and just a few blocks south of Soho’s best shopping and food), Chelsea, Meatpacking, Soho, or the Lower East Side. Some of my fave fashion week hotels (ambiance, fashion-y vibe, location and price taken into account): The Roxy, Public, Soho Grand, Hotel Indigo, The Dream, and The Standard Highline.



Coffee and Room service at The Roxy Hotel

3. How to get invited: plain and simple- it takes work and time. As I stated back in a fashion week recap a few years ago, gone are the days (for the most part) of walking into a show and maybe getting a standing spot (as I did with my very first show ever, Tibi, back in 2013!). Now everyone is ticketed, scanned and rescanned- a friend in the industry shared with me an interesting tidbit- that seats at a show cost hundreds of dollars per person in theory- meaning what it costs the company to put on the show, divided by all the seats available for attendees- so you have to make it worth it for the designer/ company to have you there! Some helpful tips:

1) Build your readership/following- I mean duh, right? And trust me, I know just how frustrating this is at this stage of this overly saturated, increasingly competitive game- I always say, I feel like I came into blogging at the “tail end of the beginning”- when you could still gain traction and carve out a niche for yourself- not to say it’s impossible now- bc it’s def not- it just takes more work and time I think.

2) Go to small, up and coming designers’ shows, find shows that are open to the public (Style Fashion Week is always a good start) and COVER THE SHOWS ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS! Do insta stories, and insta posts obviously, but really, a dedicated, detailed actual old fashioned blog post is what the designers and companies want to see. After 24 hours your runway insta stories disappear- you need a more permanent place to catalogue your coverage. Once you’ve built up a few seasons of coverage, go to the next step below and use what you’ve written and your photos to…

3, Email PR companies and the designers/shows you want to attend! Most designers’ PR companies, or media specialists are google-able, or you can go through Modem Online , which compiles a lot of them alphabetically. I’ve even DMed some designers/companies through insta to start the conversation about my interest and what I can offer in exchange for a ticket. Your emails should start a few months before the shows in September and February, and should introduce yourself BRIEFLY, give a few of your stats, express genuine interest in this designer, and LINKS TO YOUR PAST BLOG COVERAGE OF SHOWS! This last part is vital- it shows companies who are sorting through 9273727 email requests that this person (YOU!) aren’t just in it to look cool- but that you actually will take the time to do a write up and permanent post on the show. Take a look at my last write up if you need inspo!

So that’s it you guys! Till February, another NYFW in the books! Hope you found this helpful!

xo, ❤


NYFW SS19 Runway Review: September 2018

So this time around I decided to break my NYFW coverage into two separate blog posts; one for a Runway Report (what trends I saw, looks I loved from each collection, what you should try working into your wardrobe now)— and another separate post for what I wore to fashion week, where I ate and stayed/ tips etc!

Wih that said, here goes Part 1!

Show 1: Taoray Wang


Collection summary: Lots of perfectly tailored suiting, with strong shoulders and cinched waists giving a chic nod to the 80s.

Colors: Navy, pink, grey

Get the look: pinstripes, midiskirts, double breasted blazers, puff shoulders, corsets and cool belts

Show 2: Son Jung Wan


Collection summary: Details, details, details; more is more, lots of incredible patterns, textures and layers that Son Jung Wan is known for.  Sheer fabrics, pastels, and iridescent materials really stood out.

Colors: Aqua, checker, yellow, pastels, iridescents

Get the Look: try out sheer skirts over minis or shorts or pants, layer colors and textures, shorts with blazers

Show 3: Yuna Yang


Collection summary: super feminine, light and airy, Yuna Yang’s theme this season was “Freedom”— and the pieces def lived up this idea.

Colors: white, cream, lace pastels

Get the Look: more ruffles, midiskirts with shirts tucked in, off the shoulder looks still going strong

Show 4: Nonie


Collection Summary: Lots of fluid, slinky satin looks, combined with sheer pieces— extremely wearable, somewhat minimalist, and impeccably constructed

Colors, white, black, fuchsia, red

Get the Look: silky or satiny wrap dresses, plunging necklines, sheer pieces layered over pants

Show 5: Ruby Fang


Collection Summary: mostly evening wear, Ruby Fang’s attention to detail with a slight Asian flare make her pieces true standouts that any woman would love to wear for a schmancy occasion… this green suit was my absolute fave, in addition to these sheer sparkly dresses

Colors: Black, cream, mint, red, gold

Get the Look: Again, longer  sheer  pieces layered over shorter and more substantial ones ruled; get yourself a slim fitting, cropped suit immediately!

Show 6: Veronica Beard

Collection Summary: So much print mixing inspo, bright and happy patterns for suiting, more midi skirts with shirts tucked in— an overall tropical safai vacation gone very chic.

Colors: Yellow, tropical floral, metallic sequins for day, pinks, gingham and checkered pieces

Get the Look: if you didn’t get the patterned/ textures midi skirt with a contrasting shirt tucked in memo by now, consider this your wake up call! Also, if you’re a shorts person like me, try high waisted or paper bag shorts with patterned crop tops and blazers!

Show 7: Sally Lapointe


Collection Summary: Ah, Sally Lapointe— my fave of all faves for her mix of aspirational looks that are still very wearable- she just gets how the fashion forward New York girl wants to dress.  This collection, as per usual, blew me away— mixing textures like cozy sweaters and vinyl/patent leather, lots more sheer pieces layered in interesting ways, shorts in varying lengths paired with cool jackets and the chicest iridescent plaid you ever did see.

Colors: monochromatic looks dominated the runway in colors like fuchsia (take note for spring) , nude, navy, peach and plaid

Get the Look: pair unexpected textures- think soft and hard together- patent and fuzzy, sheer and thickly constructed pieces. And more fitted midi skirts with sweaters or course.

…and that’s a wrap on this fashion week! Stay tuned for Part 2- my shoppable looks from NYFW, where I stayed, ate, and tips for going if you’re interested!

xo, ❤


Austin: Where we stayed, What we Ate and How we Traveled with a Toddler and Broken Leg



Crop top | ruffled midi skirt | net bag | sandals


Gingham top | mom shorts | mules | bag


T shirt | wrap skirt | sneaks | sunnies


Crop top | wrap skirt | mules | sunnies

I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to make lemonade out of lemons— when dealt with a sucky situation, I like the challenge of trying to make the best of it.  So when my husband Tim broke his leg and tore his meniscus a few days before we were supposed to fly to Austin, Texas for (ironically, a jiu jitsu competition , which is how he injured his leg to begin with!) vacation, we (really, I) decided we were going to make it work and still go.  We’d never been to Austin before, so we packed our bags and off we went!

Flying with a broken leg: (basically what I googled into the wee hours of the night two days before we got on the plane)

1. We called Delta and informed them that my husband would be flying in a cast (removable, not hard cast; check w your doctor/ airline before flying with a hard cast!) and crutches and that we would need a wheelchair curbside to the gate, both on the NYC end and in Austin. They also upgraded us to extra legroom seats free of charge— honestly, they could not have been more accommodating! The wheelchair met us at the curb, we got through security in a matter of minutes (didn’t even have to wait in line!) and they even checked our bags for us at the curb. In fact the process was so much faster    than we expected- we even had time to grab breakfast and eat at the gate!  We also called our hotel and had them change our room to a walk in shower so Tim could get in without his leg bending.


Flying with Nolan:

This was actually Nolan’s 5th time flying, so we knew what to expect and how to prep.  Most airlines let kids under 2 fly for free- so even though Nolan turned 2 in May, we actually fudged his age with the airline and said he would turn 2 in August!!! (Don’t judge lol- this saved us a couple hundred dollars!) No one even asked for ID or anything for him so it was really fine.  The staff was so nice, they even let him sit up in the cockpit! The plan was to hold him on our laps, but a nice guy let us switch some seats around so that Nolan ended up having his own seat bc there were a few empties on the flight to Austin. As always, we brought plenty of snacks, and we picked out a few new toys/books/stickers the day before so he was well entertained in the flight (about 3.5 hours). Every hour or so we took a walk up and down the aisle and hung out with the flight attendants in the back of the plane (really because that’s where they kept Nolan’s fave Delta cookies!)

Where we stayed:


So instead of a traditional hotel, we decided to try out Locale in Austin. We stayed at Locale on Rainey street, which is basically the main street for bars, food trucks, restaurants etc (shout out to the 8362638 bachelorette and bachelor parties we saw in the area!) Locale is a combo between an Airbnb and a hotel- it appeared on Expedia (where I booked) but was really an apartment (2 bedrooms, full kitchen, washer and dryer, master bathroom bigger than my first apt) inside an actual luxury rental building.  So we had access to the gorgeous rooftop pool, fitness center etc on the building property, but since it wasn’t a hotel, there was no front desk, room service, or housekeeping. At first I was definitely apprehensive about the lack of hotel amenities, bc after all, we go on vacation to NOT have to do chores right?! But I actually turned out to be great- we could put Nolan to bed/ nap and still be able to stay up and hang out in the living room… I threw in all our dirty laundry before we left and we were able to return home with all clean clothes… and the extra space was great with a toddler and Tim on crutches!

What we ate (most importantly!)


Brunch at Forthright


The Best BBQ at Terry Black’s


Grilled cheese and soup at Fareground

As you guys probably know, there is no shortage of amazing food experiences in Austin- it’s def a foodie city and every meal we had was better than the last! Here’s where we ate and what we loved:

Banger’s Beer Garden : casual beer garden / picnic table food (sausage specialty) but the real draw is how they have toys for kids to play with while parents eat and drink!!

Torchy’s Tacos: kitschy but incredible- get one of each!

Forthright: delicious and pretty brunch spot; amazing waffles!

Josephine House: Tim called this place “fancy brunch” lol … think marble tables, very instagram friendly- food was incredible as well!

Fareground: Indoor food hall with gourmet vendors – had the best grilled cheese and tomato soup of my life here

Jo’s Hot Coffee Good Food : breakfast tacos!!!

Counter Cafe: traditional diner food, but better

Terry Black’s BBQ: worth the 40 minute wait in 105 degrees… with a toddler and broken leg… that’s how good this food was.

Moral(s) of the story?

Austin was awesome; will def go back- probably the best dining experience in a city we’ve had so far (and we live in NY!!)

Don’t be afraid to travel with a broken bone or a two year old- you’d encounter the same exact challenges at home, and somehow when you’re  in a change of scenery, the adventure overrides the minor difficulties!

Hope this helps!

xo, ❤




My Go-to Summer Looks



Oh my gosh I just saw that my last blog post was over a month ago – I don’t think I’ve slacked that long since I started this over three years ago! But hey- as a teacher, the month of June is crazy busy so I forgive myself for that- and then we were out in Montauk for July 4th week… but I’m back!

So I don’t know about you guys, but around this time – mid July, I start feeling a bit of a summer style slump… it feels like we’ve seen all of the summer looks we need to see, trends are set, closets are stocked… and I need to really start remixing my fave summer staples. This season, I seem to have a few fave outfit combos, that I mix and remix over and over:

1) T-shirt tucked into denim skirt:


Tee: forever 21| Skirt: ASOS | sandals : ASOS


Leopard tee:| top shop (old, similar here)| skirt: free people | belt bag: Rebecca Minkoff | sunnies: givenchy | slides : Zara

I have three denim skirts on repeat right now: a classic blue denim, black denim, and an army green one. I LOVE denim skirts, particularly higher waisted ones right now. And can we talk about how life changing it is that fashiony tee shirts are “in” right now?! A vintage or graphic tee, or even a plain one in a classic color tucked into a denim mini is one of my fave simple tomboyish go to summer looks.

2) High waisted Paperbag Waist shorts with a tee tucked in and loafers


Top: Aritzia ( sold out, similar here) | high waisted shorts: aritzia ( identical here) |Slide mules: Zara | net bag : Mango


Tan high waisted shorts: ASOS  and a similar option here | Grey tee: topshop via Nordstrom | loafers: Gucci ( look for less here) 

The realization that high waisted, “paperbag waist” style shorts make me feel/look taller was life changing for me! The higher waist may seem intimidating, for fear of looking like your grandma’s Florida outfit from 1992, but I swear, GIVE THEM A TRY! A paperbag waist is extra flattering too, and perf for tucking into.

3) An off-the-shoulder crop top with high-waisted shorts or a high waisted skirt


Gingham crop top: Reclaimed Vintage | denim skirt: Nordstrom | white sunnies: Dior ( affordable version here) | basket bag: Zara ( old but identical here)


Striped crop top: Forever 21 |high waisted shorts: ASOS; similar here | red sunnies: similar here

If you had told me that at 35, after having a baby I would be wearing a crop top I would have laughed in your face! But alas, they’ve become an actual important piece in my closet this summer! Ya see, as the waist moves north, it makes it ok to wear a crop top- because it doesn’t show much (or any, if you’re a shortie like me) of your midsection— it only provides a perfect silhouette with this season’s high waisted pieces! And since off the shoulder EVERYTHING has been a trend for a few summers now, I’m happy there’s a fresh way to wear these pieces!

4) A matching set



Palm print set: ASOS

This look couldn’t be any easier— and there are plenty of options at all price ranges. This palm print one is under $60- and perfect for hot beach or pool days!

5) Tees/button downs and cutoffs


Hawaiian shirt: Mango | denim cutoffs: One Teaspoon | loafers: Gucci


Graphic tee: Nordstrom | black denim shorts: One Teaspoon | belt bag: Rebecca Minkoff


Striped tee: ASOS | shorts: One teaspoon| sandals: Soludos | sunnies: Le Specs

One piece of clothing that is synonymous with summer are denim cutoffs (or jean shorts, whatever you want to call em!). They are prob my fave casual go to- I wear them at least three times a week; the fact that they’ve been around since the days of Daisy Duke herself tell me that they are a summer classic, not a trend. My fave all time brand for denim shorts is One Teaspoon- a little pricier, but SO WORTH IT. The cut and quality and washes are just perfection. I like to pair mine with short sleeve button downs, particularly Hawaiian prints this season, or vintage graphic tees and either sneaks, sandals or loafers.

Hope this post gives you guys some summer outfit remix inspo!

Xo, ❤