MamaHood: Travel Tips


One of the most common questions that I get from my readers is “how do you travel so easily with Nolan?!” Since we just got home from our last vacay in Miami last week, I figured I’d share some of the tips/ideas that I swear by after successfully completing Nolan’s 4th flight and almost 10th hotel stay before he turns 2 next month!


As always, I am not, nor am I pretending to be any sort of supermom, parenting expert, travel guru etc (lol)… these tips are just what we’ve figured out through trial and error; what’s worked for us, making traveling an enjoyable experience for all of us.  I guess I feel the need to preface with this because, mamas out there— don’t you find the parenting “community” (moms in particular) to be super judgy over EVERYTHING!!! Anyway, here’s what we do, good, bad, whatever…



1. Pack light; buy stuff at your destination : If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I absolutely DESPISE packing. Add packing for another little person on top of my own stuff and I want to throw myself out a window. So what I’ve learned to do is: buy most of what Nolan will need when I get to my destination! Now, so far, he’s flown to Washington D.C., San Diego, and Miami twice, none of which are rural or undeveloped countries… so a supermarket or CVS was always around. I pack a few diapers for the plane, a few snacks and fruit/veggie pouches, and a clothes of course— but we try to just pick up a bag of diapers, wipes, food/snacks for him, cheesy toys we don’t mind “leaving behind” once we get there. And if they don’t have what he’s used to? It’s forced him (and I!) to get out of our comfort zones and eat/ play with what’s available.
2. Call ahead for a crib, even if you don’t use it: I’ve never brought a pack n play or crib from home for Nolan. Even on his first trip at 3 months, he slept in a hotel crib (I’m also not a germaphobe and trust hotel sheets— if they’re good enough for me, they’re good enough for him, right?!). Another perk of getting a crib is hotels often give you a larger room (wheelchair accessible, suite etc) if one is available to fit the crib. Extra square footage is so key for us so Nolan has at least a little room to run around in the room!
3. Flying: Not only does your stroller double as a baggage carrier (!), but if you wear your baby (we did until he was one) you don’t have to go through the extra security screening and also get to go through priority (faster!) security lines! You just check your stroller right at the gate when boarding and they bring it right back to the exit when you land. Couldn’t be easier.
4. Boarding: Airlines let “people traveling with small children” board first— I have no idea why anyone in their RIGHT MIND would ever want to be on the plane first and sit for an extra 40 minutes in a cramped space with a baby or toddler! We always board at the last possible minute and let him play/ run around at the gate for as long as we can. If you’re worried about missing out on overhead baggage space, send someone you’re traveling with in ahead to secure bag spots.
5. On the plane: we’ve gotten lucky on two flights with empty seats where Nolan could have his own seat (even though babies fly for free until 2). Otherwise he sits on our laps or in between us with the arm rest up. His longest flight was to Cali (5 hours about), and really it’s amazing how they seem to just sense that they have to sit down and not move. I mean sure, does he want to stand up on our lap and wave to everyone around him, sure. But for he most part it’s really bearable. Bring snacks, water, a stuffed animal and plenty of books and shows/ movies on the iPad- we normally are really stingy with screen time for Nolan, but flying is the exception.
6. Bedtime: so on vacay, who wants to go to bed when the little one does?! We book a room with a terrace if possible, or an adjoining room if you’re traveling with fam/friends, or even a suite so that you have a place to hang out once the baby goes to sleep. Our terrace at the Gale in Miami was awesome— we brought board games, cards and drinks out there so we could have some post bed time adult fun once Nolan was asleep.

Hope these ideas help— or at least maybe encourage any (new) parents out there who are hesitant to travel with their little one(s) to go for it!

If I left anything out, please add any additional travel tips below to share!
Xo, ❤

Six Picks: Patent/Vinyl Pieces



Metallic blazer: Topshop | Patent Vinyl skirt: asos | tee: Amazon fashion | sneaks: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

One of my fave trends that’s carrying over from winter to spring is vinyl / patent pieces— the shiny material last seen on your Mary Janes from kindergarten has made a resurgence in the streetstyle world and I’m digging it.

I wear patent/ vinyl the same way and according to the same “rules” as I would leather or faux leather pieces.  To avoid a Pretty Woman – streetwalker- pre makeover- vibe, I always pair vinyl with something boyish— a sneaker, a blazer, a tee shirt… or something oversized and soft, like a big sweater, a cotton hoodie… you get the idea!

Now i KNOW that most people are prob cringing at the thought of wearing this material, but let me put things in perspective: rewind the fashion game tape to, oh say, 10 years ago- how many women saw leather leggings coming down the runways and were like “awww hellllll nooooo no way I’m looking like a hooker in those pants”… and now have at least two pairs of leather or faux leather pants and jackets hanging in their closets?! Some of the best trends are scary at first…so I want to urge you guys to try this one now! Below, show my Six Picks for vinyl/ patent pieces for spring:


Blush pink skirt


Patent vinyl skinny pants


Vinyl wrap front MIMI skirt 


Pink patent Mini skirt


Vinyl biker jacket


Red vinyl mini skirt

happy shopping!

xo, ❤



NYFW February 2018: Part 3


Plaid Blazer | Plaid pants w stripe (Zara, similar here and here) | Gucci mules (Similar ones for less that I LOVE!) | Chanel bag| Heart Earrings

…and for my final trick! – Part 3 of this season’s Fashion week recap…I wore the look above to the All Comes From Nothing show on Wednesday morning— really loving a plaid suit for the upcoming seasons.  This one is actually two different pieces, not a matching set; just because I liked how each piece fit. I paired the “suit” with a pop of red and yellow, two of this season’s biggest colors – plus a little nod to Valentine’s Day with my heart earrings!

All Comes From Nothing:


What to take note of:

1. Metallics for day, mixed with casual/ sporty pieces- probably one of my fave trends to wear for day!

2. Puffer coats (and jackets and coats in general) as part of the whole look— buy one that’s less utilitarian, more fashion forward!

3. Cropped flared pants- these seem more intimidating to wear than they actually are- and they’re a nice change from all skinny everything, and even the straight legs that have become ubiquitous on the fashion scene.

4. Rich, saturated colors, especially red (again!) and that amazing coppery- rust color I’ve been obsessed with!

… and for my last look…

I changed my outfit at the very last minute for Leanne Marshall… I was originally going to style the gold dress with the colorful striped sweater over it (see below) , but decided to go all gold (with sneaks) at the last possible second lol…


Gold aviator jacket | gold column dress (old Zara, similar here) | sneaks

This gold slit column dress is actually old Zara, from my baby shower! It’s  non maternity, and made from a stretchy material, which I why I was able to wear it while pregnant and here, while not!


Striped sweater (sold out, similar  here and here!) | similar gold dress/ skirt | white mules

Leanne Marshall:



What to take note of:

1. Monochromatic looks; or varying shades of the same color worn together (the gold and coppery ones were SOOOO good!)

2. Interesting cut outs for formal wear- Marshall showed lots of fluid shapes with bold cutouts giving a modern effect to classic pieces

3. Rich, bold colors like yellow (huge on all runways), coppery rust (yes AGAIN!), and shades of teal and blue

4. Unexpected layering for formal wear— loved how Marshall showed usually jackets over dresses, lace long sleeves blouses under strapless dresses and sweatshirt tops over skirts!

So that’s it you guys! Thanks for following all this season at Fashion Week— look for a new post soon on my fave NYC hotels and places to eat, since it seems like a lot of you had questions about that through my instastories!

xo, ❤



NYFW February 2018: Part 2


Accessories set up in our room at PUBLIC, one of the BEST hotels I’ve stayed in in the city (additional hotel post to come!)


The greatest quinoa bowl of my life at Citizens of Chelsea, between shows



En Route to Sally Lapointe on Tuesday

Outfit details: gold aviator jacket | vintage Star Wars tee | vinyl cropped pants | white mules | Golden Goose sneaks 

I was beyond excited to attend the Sally Lapointe show this season— she is one of my DREAM designers, a favorite to say the least! It was so hard to pick my highlights from the show because literally every single look was incredible. Here are the looks that represent the overall feel and trends of the show:




What to take note of:

1. Monochromatic looks rule: almost every look that Sally Lapointe sent down the runway was head to toe one color, or varying shades of the same hue- but in different textures, which was what made each look so eye catching.

2. Juxtaposition of materials- Sweaters paired with sequins, leathers, vinyls and furs- it was all so luxe yet simple.

3. RED, rust, copper, grey and metallics: these colors are understated yet rich- I cannot wait to fill my closet with these colors ASAP!

4. Midi slit skirts and baggy paper bag waist pants— both look great with oversized sweaters and fur jackets!

… and that’s it for part 2! Coverage from my last day will be up soon so be sure to check back!

Xo, ❤