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My Daily Gold Mix

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Gold has always been a core part of my personal style– I’ve even had students of mine comment that I’m like a “mini Mr. T” (a compliment in my book!).  There’s something about the combination of warmth and shine that draws me to it every time…golden touches, or what I like to call my “little gold mix”, make my daily outfits feel complete, put together, and add just the right amount of “richness” to a look.  In fact, I take my gold accessories so seriously, that for our last wedding anniversary, my husband got me a new wedding band, in gold of course.  When we got married, my original wedding band was the classic diamond eternity band that “everyone” had/wanted.  But it just never meshed with my personal style, and just never fit in with my daily gold mix, especially my rings.

Since clearly gold is a major part of my personal style, and of course, the namesake of this blog, I figured I’d share my favorite pieces, the golden touches that make me feel like me!

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Cuffs, from top down: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom | J Crew

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Cuff: J Crew | Ring: Madewell

Gold cuffs, like my favorites above, bring the gold accessory game completely up to date.  While daintier gold jewelry will always be classic and timeless, it adds a more feminine or romantic touch to a look.  Chunkier, sleeker, more architectural pieces like these cuffs, with their more minimalist sensibility, make an outfit feel edgier, more contemporary, and very modern.

unnamed (76)

Two-Tone watch: Michael Kors | Gold link bracelet: J Crew | Pave link bracelet: J Crew

When I picked out this two-tone watch from Michael Kors, I actually chose it over the fully-gold version because it adds dimension and interest to my otherwise all-gold look…it’s a little more “menswear” (which I love).  These two bracelets from J Crew are ALWAYS on repeat.  They are not only comfortable to wear, but add a more classic look to an outfit, if I’m not in the mood to do edgy and sleek.  They pair well with other bracelets on the same wrist, to get a layered look.

unnamed (79)

Rings, clockwise from top left: Infinity ring: Gorjana | hammered gold single band: Brooklyn Flea Market |Wrap ring: Madewell |Gold and silver bar ring : Madewell | “V” rose gold ring: Shashi via Shopbop | Gold pyramid wedding band: custom made by my husband’s jeweler |Set of 5 Stacking rings: Gorjana via Nordstrom

We love manicures because they help our hands make a great first impression.  I feel the same way about rings.  We, as well as pretty much EVERYONE we interact with, see our hands all day long– why not decorate them?! Seriously though, I love the toughness that lots of stacked rings gives a look…especially when it’s the perfect ring mix of dainty and edgy, sentimental and symbolic.  There are so many great rings out there now with meaningful symbols– like the infinity symbol on the Gorjana ring above.  Flea markets and antique fairs are also great places to find unique pieces to add to your ring game…and then you also have a great story to go with them!

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Studs, clockwise from top left: Hashtag earrings : C Wonder (sadly, no longer available) | Pave bolt studs: Rebecca Minkoff via Piperlime |Wishbone rose-gold studs: Club Monaco |Pave star studs: Club Monaco | Pave gold bar earrings: Sugarbean via Nordstrom

When I was a teenager, I was pretty much your standard goody-two-shoes…the extent of my “rebellion” was getting multiple ear piercings (three on my left ear and TWO [uneven = even more badass] on my right) at some shady storefront in the West Village.  I loved collecting random little studs, mostly peace signs, hearts, and flowers (typical 90s girl) and mixing them up in my five holes.  Since then, I’ve let all but one hole in each ear close up, but I still definitely have a penchant for fun, meaningful, interesting, hey-let-me-take-another-look-at-your-earrings studs.

unnamed (81)

Clockwise from top: Love script bracelet, diamond clover necklace and “C” monogram necklace: all Jennifer Zeuner via Shopbop

Last but not least, these three pieces are arguably the most special and sentimental to me; I’m so glad I have them in gold, because I can layer them with all my other favorites.  All three were gifts from Tim (my husband), for various Valentine’s Days or birthdays.  Jennifer Zeuner makes THE BEST interesting gold jewelry, and the pricing is not bad– usually ranging from $100-$500 per piece, which make them perfect for special occasions or gift wish list items!

So that’s it…my most treasured golden touches! If you’re a self-described “not a gold person”, I hope this encourages you to try it…and to add a little gold to your personal mix 🙂



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3 thoughts on “As Good as Gold

  1. Susan February 8, 2015 / 2:00 am

    Love this post!! I love that you’re talking about all your staple gold pieces that I get the pleasure of seeing every day!! ❤ Also love that I spy pieces that I've contributed to your collection 😉

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