Trend Mix Success: Culotteralls/Overlottes? I’m in LOVE Either way…

You know how sometimes two trends in one can be a serious recipe for a fashion disaster?! Heck, more than sometimes– ALMOST ALWAYS, wearing multiple trends or “statements” at the same time is so NOT GOOD.


These overall/culottes from H&M came my way.








Overalls, if you’ve been reading my blog (!) and have eyes and have gone shopping at least once this season, you know that grown up iterations of the Osh Kosh B’Gosh stand bys have made a major resurgence on the fashion scene– and I could not be more obsessed, as they play to my tomboy/fashion-forward/quirky sense of style perfectly.  Another trend, though not quite as ubiquitous, is culottes.  Culottes, for those of you who aren’t sure if I’m talking about some new blended drink at Starbucks, are wide leg, usually flowy, ankle length pants.  They came around (in kind of a gross way) in the early 2000’s — a lot of elastic waisted versions abounded in every teen-ish store in the mall.  This time around, though, culottes are a lot chicer, more taylored, sophisticated, and have more of a 70’s spin on them.

Ok, so back to this fashion hybrid– these “culloteralls” or “overlottes”– not sure which I like better…

I love them! These were only $50 from H&M (unfortunately they sold out online– but I linked a few similar options here, here, and here for you guys!), and are a silky, flowy, navy blue printed fabric– I wore this look to dinner with friends a few nights ago, dressing them up with neutral heels from Zara and a blush silk blouse.  In this case, the dreaded fashion trend blend was a success!

Hope this inspires you guys to take a fashion risk this week…<3



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