Weekly Round-up: What’s On My (Style) Radar This Week…

1. Current favorite summer dress:


This light and breezy dress from Urban Outfitters is on heavy rotation this summer; luckily, I have four different versions of it (two sleeveless, two with short sleeves as seen here).  It’s only $60 and has a kind of feminine grungy vibe I’m loving right now– plus it can we worn with sneaks, sandals, or heels, and with booties and a moto jacket come Fall.  Linked here and here.

2. Finally picked up these Schutz Lace-up sandals!


Literally, couldn’t resist. I’ve worn them for 3 days straight, taking them off only to sleep. Pick them up here.

3. (It was a big week, shoe-wise)– ASOS Pointed Toe Loafers:


Pointed toe loafers are going to continue to be huge for Fall, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve never been a huge fan of ballet flats– too feminine and cutesy for me, personally (although I do love how they look on some girls)– so in the flat/comfy shoes department, I rely on classic sneaks like Converse, or a sharp, masculine but funky pointed toe loafer for when I don’t feel like or can’t wear heels.  These Celine loafers are THE DREAM, but since I’m not ready to shell out that kinda cash at this point, these two pairs from European online fashion retailer ASOS will do the trick perfectly…shop both, under $100 here and here.

4. A Fashionable Heritage:


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is running the China Through the Looking Glass exhibit in the city through September 7th, showcasing “the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion”.  Since I’m a proud fashion-loving halfie (half Chinese, half Caucasian) <3, I can’t wait to see gorgeous creations like this Jean Paul Gaultier above, live and in person. Link for more information on the exhibit here.

5. The BEST summer soup in the city:


Tim and I went to Cookshop in Chelsea last weekend and has the most AMAZING chilled yellow tomato, jalapeno and cucumber soup…and the cheddar cornbread on the side only added to the deliciousness.  I am a huge fan of tomato soup in general (lol at that sentence!), and this cool summer iteration could not be any more perfect for a warm sidewalk summer brunch.

xo, ❤


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