Weekly Round-Up: What’s On My (Style) Radar this Week

1. Favorite Montauk Spots:


The Montauk Yacht Club Hotel: Right on the lake, beautiful grounds, preppy nautical vibe– how cute is this little light-house?! They have plenty of outdoor seating, lounge chairs, and fire pits at this well-kept resort– plus a private beach and pool. Super kid and dog friendly also.



Sole East Resort is probably my go-to place to stay when I’m in Montauk– the hotel is in an old 1920’s Tudor mansion, and they’ve decorated it in minimal 1960s- beachy-chic style– so the aesthetic is right up my alley! The “Backyard” is perfect for a lazy hammock-nap, complete with plenty of Adirondack chairs, firepit and pool– you can also rent bikes and ride into town or to the main beach.


The Crow’s Nest is a must when you are in Montauk.  The food is out of this world and pretty healthy too– lots of hummus, grilled veggies, and fresh cheeses on the app menu, and plenty of fresh seafood, quinoa, and cous cous, dishes that go with their slight Mediterranean flair.  The drink menu (which we obviously sampled plenty of!) is on point as well.  They have a globe-lit beach area and outdoor seating too, which are perfect viewing spots for the sunset. Lots of famous people watching too!

2. Chinese Hot Pot:


If you’ve never done Chinese Hot Pot (sometimes called Shabu Shabu), YOU MUST! It’s kind of like fondue or Korean BBQ, in that you cook your own food in a boiling pot of stock (that you can personalize).  Then you either order or take from a buffet the ingredients you want for your “soup”– proteins, veggies, noodles, and more types of tofu and dumplings that you ever knew existed.  Two of my favorite places to go are in Flushing’s Chinatown– Minni’s and Spring.

3. My fave casual romper:


This is my go-to romper for casual days that include running errands or bike riding– its from MinkPink and has been to the beach and through the wash more times than I can count, but has held up surprisingly well! Link here to this year’s version ON SALE!

4.Yup, another version of my fave summer dress from Urban:


So by now you guys have heard me sing the praises of this Urban Outfitters dress 7474646 times– I have it in floral, rust, bright red and this black and white tribal-ish pattern.  Seriously, you need it. Get it here! The most perfect summer dress!

5. The Madewell Overalls:


The fit is just perfect on these– baggy-ish, but still fitted enough to not lose your shape; the perfect vintagey medium blue wash, and just the right distressing on the knees.  I love to wear it with striped tees, but paired it with this sleeveless silk button down, also from Madewell, for a dinner date last night.  Side note: DO NOT LISTEN TO GUYS WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR OPINIONS ON OVERALLS. They just don’t get it! Tim says he likes them, and that they look “adorable” on me, but I know what he really means is that he thinks I look 5.  I don’t care. I love them, they’re fun, and have lots of pockets for holding things.

xo, ❤


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