Weekly Round-Up: Recent Outfits + Gold + Chicken Wings…

This summer’s been funny, because while it has def allowed me more time to work on blog posts, they seem to be coming in spurts, followed by a few (or more) days of slacking off– really, just enjoying life, summer, and living in the moment. So this Weekly Round-Up includes a few outfit details from the past week, plus two other high points of the week for me …

1.This red dress again, this time with a sporty vibe:




Tying a denim jacket around your waist (yup, the same way you did in 1997 on your 7th grade field trip– except this denim jacket doesn’t have Looney Tunes characters embroidered on it–hopefully) is my current fave way to add texture, definition, and grungy-ness to a look– kinda 90s, a little tomboyish, plus it adds a layer to your look when its too warm to actually wear the jacket! Especially if you’re wearing a dress that could use some definition around the waist or a color/texture breakup…try it! As always, sneaks, especially Converse, with a dress is typical for me here– prob my fave way to wear a dress (or with booties), so that the whole vibe is less precious.

2. White Shortalls:



Two trends that will DEFINITELY carry into fall will be the mock turtleneck (I’m really pushing this one you guys…after years of low cut tops, this just feels super fresh and modern) and my faves, overalls.  I recently picked up this pair of crisp white shortalls at Topshop for only $35 on sale (link HERE TO BUY) , and will def be wearing them on repeat during these final days of summer, before I bust out the long legged versions for fall.

3. Shorts and Booties:


I’m totally getting excited for bootie season guys– obviously LOVE summer, but I feel like I’ve had the same sandals on repeat for the last few months and am excited to start building looks around different shoes.  I wore this look last night for dinner in Korea Town and a movie in Bryant Park.  These grey Tibi booties are sold out, but a few similar options, if you’re in the market for a grey leather booties, are here:

Rag and Bone $$$$

Ash $$$

French Connection $$

Aldo $

4. New gold jewelry source: Park Lane Jewelry


You guys are well aware by now that gold jewelry (my “littlegoldmix” wink wink 😉 ) is one of the mainstays of my look.  I recently was introduced to Park Lane Jewelry, a company that has been making gorgeous costume jewelry for over 50 years. They have tons of different styles, looks and price points– literally, something for everyone.  Above are just a few additions to my daily mix– make sure you check them out — Park Lane Jewelry!

5. Best Chicken Wings in town (according to Tim Comer, Chicken Wing Expert):


So my husband has been a chicken wing connoisseur for over twenty years– he recently found this restaurant in TriBeCa called Distilled— which supposedly had some of the best wings the city has to offer.  According to him, (I’m not a fan of wings myself…too much work, not enough pay off if you ask me) these did not disappoint!!! Super crispy, meaty, and flavorful, he could have eaten “778347 more”.  Oh, also their spring greens salad and tater tots were pretty bomb too– they also have a great selection of beers.

Ok, that’s all for now– make sure you stay tuned for lots of upcoming Fall fashion and NYFW posts!

xo, ❤


One thought on “Weekly Round-Up: Recent Outfits + Gold + Chicken Wings…

  1. raysastyle August 28, 2015 / 3:58 am

    I loved this post!!Great looks. You look very beautiful.
    Xox, Raysa


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