Look: Channeling the Dark Side







Black Leather Moto Jacket: Mango (sold out, but this one is awesome and very similar| Faux Leather skinnies: Zara | Black sweater: J. Crew |Quilted Lambskin Bag: Chanel | Silver Sneaks: Adidas Originals via Asos

I have zero qualms about admitting that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan– always have been, always will be–which I attribute to having an older brother and sister who introduced me to the 70s and 80s trilogy when I was very young.  So naturally, I was SUPER PUMPED when this newest installment was released; Tim and I planned for weeks that we would have a brunch and Star Wars date the day after Christmas.

I’ll call this my Darth Vader/Dark Side inspired look– and like most New Yorkers, I love an all black look every now and then.  For me, the key is to vary the textures of the different black pieces you’re wearing, so that the look doesn’t fall completely flat and boring.  Another trick that I like to use is to use an all black look to show off one star accessory; in this case, the star of the show is this pair of holographic/silver Adidas Original Shelltop sneaks that my sister got me for Christmas! A black shoe or sneaker would be too harsh and expected, and the metallic sneaks give the look just the right amount of an unexpected, sporty vibe.

*Bump Fact/Side note* : Notice how I don’t look that pregnant in the shots above?! No, it’s not the magic of an all black look (at least I don’t think so)– My bump just wasn’t that big yesterday!  A friend of mine who just had her baby a month ago warned me of this strange phenomenon– how on some days, she would wake up and feel SUPER PREGNANT, and her bump would feel huge, and other days she would feel way flatter and less “bumpy” (lol).  This is definitely true for me– funny how two days ago I felt GINOURMOUS, and yesterday my leather leggings slipped on just like old times (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture!)

Shop my allblackeverything look by clicking on the links above– and may the force be with you! 😉

xo, ❤



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