Look: Date Night Bohemian






Printed flowy dress: Urban OUtfitters | Suede Jacket: Forever 21 (last season, but similar ones here and here) | Lace up heels: Zara (last season, but I love these, these, these and these!) | Bag: Chloe faye

The weather finally cooperated this Friday, and I finally busted out my good old Zara lace up heels and this springy dress from Urban Outfitters!  You guys might remember that I have this same dress in a few different colors and prints– it is seriously the most comfortable, flattering, go with everything, go everyWHERE dress! So when it was restocked this season in all new colors and patterns, of course I picked up this 70s-ish paisley print.


My favorite thing about fashion in how it allows you to experiment, change things up and hit refresh every day– and the fact that maternity jeans, for the most part, SUCK, plus the fact that I’m three weeks away from giving Nolan an eviction notice– means its straight dresses and leggings till the end. meh.

Needless to say, I’ve really built quite the jacket, shoe and bag collection over the course of these past 9 months!

Anyway, preggers or not, you guys seriously need to scoop up this dress– I promise its as flattering, fun, and easy on a flat stomach as it is on my about-to-burst-bump!

xo, ❤


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