Decor Mix: Nolan’s Nursery














Tim and I are super happy with how Nolan’s nursery turned out (now if only the little dude himself would ARRIVE, THAT’D BE NICE!!!) — and it was a true collaborative effort! I knew I wanted a white-ish nursery from the start, boy or girl– we already have a lot of grey tones throughout the house, so I knew I wanted at least one white room– this exact color is called “Swiss Coffee” by Benjamin Moore through Home Depot.  Tim painted the room, assembled the furniture, hung all the shelving and decor on the wall and built me the greyish toned wood feature wall (just bought pine planks at Home Depot, sanded, stained and nailed em up!)— and I…my contribution was obvi the selection and styling of the items (although as I read over what I just wrote it seems like Tim did all the work lol).

Once we found out we were having a boy, I knew the tones of room would be white, grey, wood and gold– and it’s funny, now looking at it finished, I don’t think I would have changed much if we were having a girl! I feel like the pieces are neutral but interesting, a little mid-century, a little modern, a vague hint of a vintage-y surf theme (the idea of “THEMED NURSERY” kills me when the motif keeps beating you over the head!!!), light and bright and adventurous– just as we hope the little guy’s life will be 🙂

A few thoughts on specific decisions:

The teepee: This became quickly our fave item in the room– adorable, functional (already storing unsightly toys inside!), and can be used indoors now and outdoors when he’s old enough– who doesn’t remember loving hiding inside “forts” of all kinds when we were little people!?!?

The rocking chair: I was very “eh” about getting a rocker for the nursery, mostly because the vast majority of them are either (or both) extremely expensive for such a random item and/or really really UGLY and dumpy looking.  When I came across this Eames style rocker, based on a famous design from the 1960s, I knew it was perfect for me! Upsides include it being super chic, small enough to not take over the room, and easily movable.  Downsides are that I (a petite person) fit in it comfortably, but taller, wider people, dads included, might not be as comfy– which is fine by Tim who will prob take him downstairs to  watch wrestling, UFC or baseball in the living room anyway!

The gallery wall: I LOVE A GALLERY WALL. I recently helped design one for one of my bffs, and what I love about them is how you customize the pieces to fit YOU– they are completely personal, with no real “rules” (just the way I like it!)– so much better than a generic piece of “art”, in my opinion!

The “shelving” on the walls: It being a small room, we didn’t want to waste space with a standing book shelf– so we decided to buy a random collection of wire and metal basket types of things to use as shelves for books and random knickknacks.

A list of items (exact for the most part, close approximations where needed!) from our nursery are below in shoppable links for you guys! Hope you enjoy and find this post useful!

Crib: DaVinci Highland Crib

Dresser with removable changing table: DaVinci Highland Dresser 

Area rug: Homegoods (similar here and here)

Rocking chair: One high priced one and my exact one here

Teepee: My exact one, plus a few other cuties here, here and here.

Shelving: Homegoods (similar pieces here, here, here, and here)

Stool: Homegoods (similar here and here)

Wall accessories: 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,

Camo Dad diaper bag: DadGear

Grey and metallic hearts diaper bag: LeSportsac

Gold “Imagine” Sign: Homegoods (similar ones here )

Hope the next post has an actual baby in it!   (#overbeingpregnant)

xo, ❤



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