Weekly Round-Up: Essential Summer Shorts

Every summer, I try and restock and update my collection of shorts– I’m pretty obsessed with denim cutoffs, but I really try and rotate through my repertoire of shorts to keep things interesting.  Below, find and shop my 6 Picks for essential summer shorts!

  1. Your Basic-no-so-basic Classic Denim Cutoffs: The Bandits by One Teaspoononete3032384520_q1_1-0._QL90_UX336_

If you’re looking for the most perfect, flattering, easy to wear, lasts-forever classic denim cutoffs, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE One Teaspoon Bandits! I cannot say enough times how amazing these shorts are– once you go One Teaspoon, believe me, you will NEVER WEAR ANY OTHER DENIM CUTOFFS AGAIN. Period. Cut high on the sides, just the right amount baggy and fitted in the correct places, with perfectly worn in distressing…OBSESSED.

2. Faux Leather Shorts: Forever 21 Zippered Version

leather shorts

My second favorite type of shorts to wear in the summer are faux leather ones, in black…they make an outfit edgy, and look great with heels, booties, flat sandals or sneakers, completely changing the vibe of the look.  No need to go crazy and spend on real leather shorts– it’s summer after all, which means these need to be easy to clean and not too heavy! My fave way to wear these is with a flowy, loose (to balance the slick feel of the shorts) lacey top.

3. Suede or Faux Suede shorts: Shopbop Re_Named Faux Suede shorts



I’m also a fan of suede or faux suede shorts, in a tan-ish color– they’re perfect for floralish, hippy-ish, festival-inspired looks.  Just don’t get ones TOO close to your skin color, for fear of looking like you forgot to put pants on!!!

4. White Lace or Crochet Shorts: Topshop


Don’t these just scream summer?! Nothing better than a pair of these in white or cream to show off a tan– love them paired with a white top for a monochromatic look, or white a summery color on top like coral or blue– perfect to bring on any tropical vacays you guys have planned! Also, these kinds of shorts are usually drawstring or elastic waisted– so needless to say, they’re pretty comfy!

5. The Floral/Printed Short: Urban Outfitters

floral shorts.jpg

Similar in vibe to the white crochet/lace shorts above, a floral or hippy printed short is a summer must– I like to wear these over a one piece bathing suit (sometimes as an outfit), with a solid bodysuit, or a simple tank — they are perfect for the beach or running casual errands in the summer– I wouldn’t go heels with these– they look best paired with a casual flat sandal (a little fringe couldn’t hurt here!)

6. The Dressy Short: Nordstrom by Leith


Last but not least, a dressy, longer, more sophisticated pair of shorts is a summer must– look for pleated, crisp, tailored details like on the ones above, in a classic, or muted tone.  I love these with a blazer and sneaks, or with a heeled bootie and a cool t-shirt– something unexpected!


So those are my six picks for essential summer shorts guys! Shop them thru my links above and comment below to let me know what shorts you guys love to wear in the summer!

xo, ❤


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