Look: Faux Leather Leggings 2 Ways

One of my MUST HAVES for fall and winter is a great pair of (faux) leather leggings.  These were everywhere a few seasons ago, when they really became a staple for most women– and the good news is, they’re def not a trend– the fact that they’ve been around for years now shows that they have become a classic wardrobe staple.  I’ve had a few different pairs over the years, but this year’s pair, from Aritzia, is by far the best fitting, highest quality pair I’ve had– officially obsessed.  They have a high, elasticized waistband, so they’re super flattering and comfortable, and the length is just right for a petite girl like me– they hit right at the ankle, perfect for tucking into a bootie or paring with loafers or sneaks.  They are almost $150, which is def on the pricier side, so I’ve also linked a few of my other favorite pairs, under $100! Below, find two ways I wore them recently, with links to shop!




Caramel Ruffle sweater: H&M | Faux Leather Leggings: Aritzia ( less pricey versions here, here , and here!) | Gold boots: Topshop via Nordstrom (on sale!) | Trucker Jacket: Topshop via Nordstrom

I paired this semi-femme caramel ruffle sweater (about as ruffly as I get!) with the leather leggings above, for a “hard and soft” contrast– you want to stay away from pairing anything too harsh with leather leggings; you don’t want to look too “Sandy from Grease”.  I pulled on my fave gold booties for a pop of interest and my shearling lined denim trucker jacket, since it was pretty cold last weekend and I liked the way the denim and shearling added another texture.




Plaid shirt: BDG via Urban Outfitters | Leggings: Artizia (other ones I love here here and here) | Combat Boots: Zara (similar pairs here and here) | Olive and gold bomber jacket: Zara ( similar here and here)

For the second look, I definitely went with more of a grungy vibe– I paired the leather leggings with my fave combat boots (huge this season; if you don’t have a pair yet, trust me, get them now! I linked a few pairs I LOVE above!).  An oversized plaid shirt topped the look– I wear them longer and baggier with the leggings, because remember- LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! My new fave olive and gold bomber from Zara completed the look– love the message on the back! I’ll be doing a post soon on the best bomber jackets with sayings on the back.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving guys! Perfect time to bust out the leather leggings!

xo, ❤




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