Look: A Purposeful Clash





Blush Adidas Tee: Nordstrom | Red Faux Leather Mini: Asos (similar here and here) | Sneakers: Zara | Sunnies: Givenchy


Sometimes the unexpected really works, in both life and in fashion.  Pink and red is a combo most people, including myself, normally would shy away from, for fear of looking like a Valentine’s day card, or like you maybe got dressed in the dark, failing at an attempt to “match”.  I’ve come to learn though, if you do something with obvious PURPOSE, and in a thoughtful and interesting way, it works, more often than not (again, this can be applied to both getting dressed and living every day life, I’ve found!).  So I paired this blush pink, “sporty-ish” Adidas tee, with my fave red faux leather mini…and I’m obsessed!  Sort of a sporty take on color-blocking, and since pink and red are in the same color family, it just works.  I tempered the bold look with a textured neutral sneaker, to keep the look sporty and casual, but fashion-forward as well.  A friend recently asked me “how you know when to wear a dress or skirt with sneakers…how to make it work?”…I thought this was a great question…As one of my all time fave combos, which I wear AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, my response was this:  It has to look purposeful, NOT ACCIDENTAL OR  necessary (like you’re not going for “commuter with heels in her bag running for the train”).  There needs to be some sort of sporty or casual element to the overall look, like stripes, or a sporty tee, or something boyish about the look.  Sneaks CAN work with florals, but they should have a vintagey, almost worn-out vibe, in my opinion.  I wore this for a day of Saturday adventures with Tim and Nolan (playground, exploring Chelsea Piers, brunching, and just wandering the city).  Hope this inspires you guys to try an unexpected combo this week!



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