Trending for Fall: Polka Dot Pieces

File_000File_001Navy and White polka dot dress | Loafers: Gucci Peyton | Sunnies: Saint Laurent

File_002Black and White polka dot romper | Tan suede mules | Sunnies: Saint Laurent
It’s funny how you swear that certain trends, colors, patterns, or styles are just so not YOU (polka dots, purple, kitten heels are a few of my personal no-nos), and then BAM, all of a sudden you find yourself wearing one of the above two days in a row?! For me, this was the case with polka dots– I always found them way too cutesy, retro (not in a good way), and for lack of a better term, downright CORNY! I mean, come on, don’t you guys normally associate the peppy pattern with old ladies’ church dresses and white tights on two year olds?! But when Saint Laurent does polka dots for their F/W 2017 collection, suddenly, the previously cheesy, childish pattern seems rockstar and …actually really, really cool. Now, I’m not a slave to trends, by any means– and I don’t ever advise to blindly participate in a trend just because “everyone is wearing it” — but I’m also not one to advise closing yourself off to anything in life permanently (except for mayonnaise– mayonnaise will NEVER be ok.) So, for fall, I’ll be wearing polka dots– as will many fashion girls– alongside churchgoing grandmas and the preschool set. Some tips on how to avoid looking like the latter two categories:

1. I prefer my dots small– oversized polka dots read a little too young for me
2. Keep the color palette sophisticated– black and white, navy and white, red, grey, mustard, neutrals…you get the idea– pink polka dots are just no.
3. Temper the pattern with something edgy, boyish or sharp– a pointed toe loafer, a slick bootie, white accessories, a leather jacket… avoid anything too feminine or saccharine looking.
4. Go for unexpected silhouettes– a jumpsuit, romper, low cut or off the shoulder piece brings contrast to the traditional pattern.

Shop some of my favorite polka dot pieces for now into fall below!

xo, ❤




One thought on “Trending for Fall: Polka Dot Pieces

  1. uptownwithellybrown August 18, 2017 / 12:48 am

    Love your looks, and I’m kinda excited about polka dots making a comeback.


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