What We Did: Home Renovation – Bathroom Before and After

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all hanging in there, as we’re in the midst of a surreal reality right now- the Covid-19 “Coronavirus” pandemic has thrown us all for a major loop, to say the least. I was going to wait until each room was “done” to share all of our home renovation “before and afters”, but since we’re all somewhat quarantined and keeping “socially distant”, now seems as good a time as any to (hopefully) distract you momentarily and brighten your day with our pics! Plus, regularly scheduled outdoor/ social/fashion content is currently on the back burner so… here we go!

I’ll share rooms in separate posts, as to not overwhelm you guys with too much at once and bc honestly that would be too much for me to do at once 😂- so I’m starting with the upstairs main bathroom!

The Before:

As you can see, SO MUCH GREEN TILE!!!

Our thought process: we decided to go with a shower/bath combo instead of keeping the existing separate shower and tub situation, because we felt that having two sinks would benefit us more – I’m not much of a bath person (although I’d like to be!), and since we have two boys, we felt that a separate bathtub wasn’t necessary… more likely two people would be brushing their teeth at the same time than showering/bathing right?

Another decision we made was to keep the bathroom black and white and neutral; since we wanted to keep the original stained glass window that had its own color story which we were not going to change, we didn’t want to do any competing colors with the window. So I decided on classic white subway, white hexagon tile for the floors, and white walls (Behr “falling snow”), grey vanities with white quartz tops, and all black hardware for the fixtures, and wood and brass/gold accents warm the space up.

For the shower door, we knew we wanted a sliding glass door on rollers- we like the industrial, sort of masculine look to it, so even though it was pricier than a trashy shower door, it looks beautiful and actually saves some space as well!

The After:

In terms of work, we contracted out for the demo, plumbing, electric and paint. The tiling, vanity and accessory installation, carpentry, and finish work were all done by Tim and his dad (with a little help from Nolan and I!). It’s hard to give you guys an exact timeline, because we were simultaneously working on so many other renovations in the house at once- I’d estimate about a month to six weeks including waiting on materials and subcontractors schedules.

We’re incredibly happy with how it came out- everyday I wake up and feel like I’m in a hotel bathroom!

Linked below are most of the products and materials we used if you guys are interested☺️





Lighting sconces

Shower fixtures

Floor tile

Wall tile

Paint: Behr “falling snow”


Wooden floating shelves

Surfboard blueprint canvas: Etsy

All other accessories via Homegoods!



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