Taking My Own Advice

First Post…


One of the most common questions that my 8th graders ask me when they are about to start a written assignment is “How do I start this?”  They stare blankly at the paper, (or now, their iPads :/ ), stressing over what the first sentence of their essay or paragraph will be.  I tell them that the purpose of a first sentence, or an introduction, is to make an impression on the reader.  I tell them to start with a “hook” that grabs the reader’s attention, give the reader a taste of what’s to come in the rest of the piece, or make an emotional connection with their audience- foster a feeling nostalgia, empathy, curiosity, or humour (English mini-lesson over…this is supposed to be a fashion and style blog, right?!)

What’s my point?  When I decided that I was going to start writing this blog, after a week or so of agonizing over how to start it, what my first post would be like, what content I would cover etc., I decided to just take my own advice.

 So, here we go…

  • My “Hook”- see above… Hopefully I grabbed your attention with my classroom writing analogy!
  • My “What’s to come?”– Daily fashion and style inspiration in a variety of forms…outfit ideas for the girl who looks forward to getting dressed each day, and the girl who agonizes over what to wear…ways to mix the old with the new, current trends with classics/basics…updates on what’s happening in fashion…some home decor and interior design…some beauty/makeup ideas…fashion/decor wishlists and shopping ideas…and of course a closer look at my own personal style…my littlegoldmix!
  • My “Connection”- The name “Thelittlegoldmix” came pretty easily to me– I’m small, I love gold anything and everything– but the “mix” part really nails what this blog is all about.  Mixing parts of life…the expected with the unexpected, the old with the new– this is what makes life, like fashion, interesting and exciting! Yes, I’m an English teacher, and I LOVE my job and my students, but fashion, style, creating an aesthetic– these are parts of my core self…this blog is my way to add these to my life “mix”.

 Not a bad first post! I hope you guys enjoy what’s to come…check back daily to see what’s new to the mix…comments and dialogue are highly encouraged…let me know if there is something that you would like me to post about/write about/feature!

 <3, Christine

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