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Leather Pants

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Trying something new is always a little disconcerting (like starting a blog! eek!); this is especially true when it comes to fashion and personal style because it’s a direct reflection of you.  If the risk doesn’t pay off, or play out how you imagined it would, we tend to pull back and stay in our comfort zone.  Enter leather pants.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple five years, you’ve see multiple iterations of leather-pant outfits– and you probably fall into one of three categories: 1) Proud and loyal leather-pants fan 2) Hater of the leather/leather-look pants trend because you are a Vegan, think they look trashy, or  associate them strictly with bad 80’s “fashion” or 3) you have them in your closet, have tried them on in a dressing room, or admire them from afar, secretly wanting to try them, but also afraid of looking/feeling like “After” Sandy from Grease.

Well, good news, Vegans, haters and closet leather admirers: there are so many really, really good “vegan” or faux leather versions out there for really reasonable prices.  Once your find the right pair, they really do not read trashy at all; instead, they lend just the right textural contrast to lots of other closet faves like structured blazers, fuzzy sweaters, and silky tops (see mixes below).  They look great with booties, heels and even sneakers for a casual-cool vibe.  Instead of leggings, which can read a little sloppy or boring, leather pants or leather leggins pull an outfit together and give it a sense of polish (with just the right amout of attitude).  Surprisingly, they are also easy to wear, meaning they really do look great on a variety of body types– given that you find ones with the right length (just to the ankle bone, in my opinion) and fit (fitted, but not skin, I-can-count-the-change-in-your-pockets-tight).  Extra-extra plus: they keep you super warm and toasty in these polar-vortex-like temperatures!

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Leather pants & blazer: Zara | “83” T-shirt : J Crew | Snakeskin “Lovisa” heels: Alexander Wang | Gold-trimmed sunglasses: Super | Gold choker: Vintage, via the Brooklyn Flea Market

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 Leather pants: Zara | Blush silk button down: Equipment | Snakeskin clutch: Loeffler Randall | Silver crackled heels: J Crew | Gold choker: J Crew

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Leather pants: Zara | Fuzzy textured funnel neck sweater: Zara | Petite shopping tote: Chanel | Gold cuff: J Crew | Sneakers: Converse

Hope this inspires you to keep/add/remix leather pants into a look this week!

 Some of my favorites can be found at:


<3, Christine

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