Look: Unexpected Black (Overalls) & Pink





I don’t usually pair pink and black together, because it feels a little too “Sandy from Grease” or 80’s (in a bad way), but this weekend, I decided to pair this neon pink “boyfriend” style sweater from J. Crew with my fave black H&M overalls– and I was totally happy with how it came out! Because the overalls have such a tomboyish-baggy vibe, the pink didn’t feel overly girly– just the right amount of contrast! I’ve posted about these black overalls a few times, before, and I don’t hesitate to write about them again– they are seriously one of my go-to staples in my closet.  I wear them dressy with heels, casual with sneaks or loafers, to teach at school, with a blazer or moto jacket over them– the combinations are endless.  And, as I’ve said before, if overalls in general seem like a stretch for you, TRY THEM IN BLACK!!! The feel is less OSh-kosh/farmer and more sophisticated and sleek.  Below, find a links to a few different pairs of my fave black overalls, at varying price points– and try pairing them with a bright color underneath!

Target: $ 

Old Navy: $

ASOS: $$

Topshop: $$

Black Orchid: $$$

Madewell: $$$

Happy Overallin’ !

xo, ❤


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