Look: Patchwork Romper




Patchwork Romper: Urban Outfitters (similar patchwork pieces here and here) | Loafers: Gucci |Sunnies: Givenchy

Just a quick post on this patchwork romper…this was actually a completely impromptu outfit change…I had taken Nolan in to visit Tim at work, and was wearing (surprise! Overalls!) It had gotten a lot hotter in the city than I had anticipated, so while walking Nolan, I popped into an Urban Outfitters and just stumbled upon this romper– the patchwork pattern had just the right casual, cool and vintagey vibe I love.  I like that it’s an unusual print– not floral, or striped or any of the other typical patterns that are out there.  Plus, you can wear the sleeves up on your shoulders or down off the shoulders…points for versatility!

Hope you guys have some awesome plans for summer! Keep cool!

xo, ❤


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