NYFW September 2018: What I Wore, Where to stay, and How to Get Invited


Hey guys! So here’s Part 2 of this season’s #NYFW coverage- this post will focus on the more personal side of fashion week- what I wore, where to stay and eat, and how to get invited to events and shows!


Anine Bing Tee | Leopard skirt (similar here and here) | lace up boots | oversized denim jacket


Fashion week lunch at one of my fave spots, Gotan, right around the corner from where most shows are: lots of charging stations, grilled cheese, soups, coffee, mint lemonade- need I say more?!

1. What I Wore: the above look was my outfit for the first round of shows… sometimes I’ll do multiple outfits in a day, but this season, it rained almost every day so I honestly just didn’t feel like changing! So one look per day it was! When I put together looks for fashion week, it’s super important to still feel like “me”— I think some people kind of go a little nuts in terms of almost wearing a costume- which , hey,  do YOU, right? But for me, I really try to build my looks using pieces I KNOW I’ll wear again and again- ones that have “remix” power if you will.


Gucci Tee | Floral kimono | red boots (old Zara, similar here) | jean shorts | vintage Fendi


For instance, this Gucci tee was def a splurge (I actually had to eat my own words on this one- having said in the past that I would never spend more than $100 on a tee! Just goes to show, never say never!). My justification is this: I’m a tee shirt kinda gal, so why not splurge on a classic that I’ll wear forever?! I literally wear it at least once a week.


Mixed print dress | white mule heels | Belt bag

While I don’t normally wear a ton of dresses, I loved the bold mixed print of this one- if you’re gonna step outside your fashion box, fashion week is the time to do it! I kept the look “me” by adding white mules and a belt bag.


Red floral suit : Zara| Gucci mules (similar for less!) | Parisa Wang bag

This was my fourth and final look for my last day of shows- and I loved it! You guys know I love a special blazer, and this one will be easy to remix all fall and winter to jazz up jeans and tee combos, or with a denim or leather mini and sneaks or boots.

2. Where to stay:

I get asked this question a lot, mostly from blogger friends of mine who are coming in from out of town to stay in the city for fashion week. For the past few seasons, most shows have been at Spring Studios in TriBeCa and Industria in the meatpacking district. You’re best bet to be close to the action, is somewhere downtown, in TriBeCa ( we LOVE the Roxy hotel- walking distance to the shows at Spring Studios, and just a few blocks south of Soho’s best shopping and food), Chelsea, Meatpacking, Soho, or the Lower East Side. Some of my fave fashion week hotels (ambiance, fashion-y vibe, location and price taken into account): The Roxy, Public, Soho Grand, Hotel Indigo, The Dream, and The Standard Highline.



Coffee and Room service at The Roxy Hotel

3. How to get invited: plain and simple- it takes work and time. As I stated back in a fashion week recap a few years ago, gone are the days (for the most part) of walking into a show and maybe getting a standing spot (as I did with my very first show ever, Tibi, back in 2013!). Now everyone is ticketed, scanned and rescanned- a friend in the industry shared with me an interesting tidbit- that seats at a show cost hundreds of dollars per person in theory- meaning what it costs the company to put on the show, divided by all the seats available for attendees- so you have to make it worth it for the designer/ company to have you there! Some helpful tips:

1) Build your readership/following- I mean duh, right? And trust me, I know just how frustrating this is at this stage of this overly saturated, increasingly competitive game- I always say, I feel like I came into blogging at the “tail end of the beginning”- when you could still gain traction and carve out a niche for yourself- not to say it’s impossible now- bc it’s def not- it just takes more work and time I think.

2) Go to small, up and coming designers’ shows, find shows that are open to the public (Style Fashion Week is always a good start) and COVER THE SHOWS ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS! Do insta stories, and insta posts obviously, but really, a dedicated, detailed actual old fashioned blog post is what the designers and companies want to see. After 24 hours your runway insta stories disappear- you need a more permanent place to catalogue your coverage. Once you’ve built up a few seasons of coverage, go to the next step below and use what you’ve written and your photos to…

3, Email PR companies and the designers/shows you want to attend! Most designers’ PR companies, or media specialists are google-able, or you can go through Modem Online , which compiles a lot of them alphabetically. I’ve even DMed some designers/companies through insta to start the conversation about my interest and what I can offer in exchange for a ticket. Your emails should start a few months before the shows in September and February, and should introduce yourself BRIEFLY, give a few of your stats, express genuine interest in this designer, and LINKS TO YOUR PAST BLOG COVERAGE OF SHOWS! This last part is vital- it shows companies who are sorting through 9273727 email requests that this person (YOU!) aren’t just in it to look cool- but that you actually will take the time to do a write up and permanent post on the show. Take a look at my last write up if you need inspo!

So that’s it you guys! Till February, another NYFW in the books! Hope you found this helpful!

xo, ❤


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