The LITTLE Little Gold Mix <3


So this past week, we announced our big news– Tim and I are expecting Baby Comer this May of 2016!

I’m super excited, but also nervous, as I’m sure most first time moms are (omg can’t believe my name will be “Mom” soon!!!).  Nervous about the unexpected;  the physical discomfort and pain of giving birth (or C-section if that’s where things head), as I’ve never been a “good” patient (still make a face at the doctor when going for my basic physical); fear of losing all the precious sleep, alone time, adventure time, independence and couple-time that Tim and I have enjoyed and relished in up until this point. I’m afraid that I haven’t quite grown all the way up yet, or that I don’t really want to.  I’m afraid of my body changing– I’ve gotten pretty used to being a small person, and it totally weirds me out to know that before long, I’ll be taking up more space, unable to sit cross legged or curled up in a ball like I’ve grown accustomed to.  And as shallow as it sounds, I’m afraid that crossing the threshold into momland will mean my style has to change– heartbreaking! Now I know what all “already moms” would say to these things– some are legitimate fears, others are silly– and that “ultimately, it will all be worth it”.  I’m sure they’re right.

The most comforting thing is, (actually two things), ARE, then:

  1. Watching all the amazing moms I know, including my own<3, who have maintained their amazing funny, childish, hilarious personalities through it all.  Some give great advice, others try to let me come to my own conclusions– either way, they are great sounding boards and role models at the outset of this journey.  They do the job with style, grace and a sense of humor.
  2. Tim– I’m unbelievably lucky to have experienced every single important milestone of life with this man, my soul mate and true best friend.  We went to high school together, where we learned which classes we could ditch, how to write an AP level paper, and how to pass the drivers Ed test.  We graduated together, chose colleges together, WENT to college together– where we learned how and how much to (and not to) drink, how to survive on $10 a week, how to live with strangers and finally each other.  We even were counselors at the same camp for our summer jobs.  We graduated college together, got out Masters Degrees together, got our first apartment together (followed by a 2nd and 3rd apartment), learned how to file taxes together, traveled together and finally, seven years ago, got married<3.  We saved money together, bought our first house together, RENOVATED the entire house together, and went through different jobs together.  Now, having this baby is just another scary, unnerving, exciting new life adventure that we will get to do together– this, this is my most comforting feeling.  I know that he will be the greatest dad, worthy of a million future #1 Dad mugs, as he has been an unbelievable best friend, partner, and soul mate to me.

Hmmm, ok… rereading this, I actually sound way more terrified of this whole having a baby thing than I think I really am.  As Tim would say, I’m “super pumped”, I swear ❤

Thanks for reading, and allowing me to share these non-fashion (for once!) related musings…stay tuned to find out it Baby Comer is a boy or girl (if its a boy, Tim says there is no “f***ing way he is wearing those gold booties in the pic above! lol), and how I style my “ever evolving maternity bod” (as one of my nearest, dearest, oldest BFFS who is also pregs, calls it!

xo, ❤


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