Look: Casual Red for the Year of the Monkey






Buffalo Plaid Shirt: Madewell (last year’s; similar here and here)| Black leather moto: Mango |Leather Combat Boots: Zara (sold out, cool Rag and Bone ones here and less pricey ones here)|Aviators: RayBan |Rose Gold Clutch: Gigi New York

Some of you guys might not know this, but I am half Chinese! My dad is Chinese, and my mom is a mixture of Irish and German.  My “halfie-ness” is actually part of the meaning behind the name of my blog “TheLittleGoldMix” (get it?!)…and it’s a part of me that I’ve really come to embrace, cherish and celebrate as I’ve gotten older (my younger self struggled at times with what box to check on the SAT forms and college apps… I guess I’m “other” :/  ).  As a kid, we would always celebrate Chinese New Year in some way as a family– eating moon cakes (yuck, I just watched), enjoying noodles together (symbolizing “long life”), and getting red envelopes ($!) from relatives.  Red is a symbolically celebratory, happy, and lucky color in Chinese culture, so I like to try and wear it in some way for the New Year. Red is not a color I normally wear though, as you guys probably have noticed by now…I actually love the way it looks on brunettes, I just don’t own that many red pieces for some reason.  At this point, in the last week of my second trimester, this red buffalo plaid shirt from Madewell is the only red piece in my closet that fit, so I used it as the base point for this casual Dim Sum brunch look– kinda grungy/tough, which I’ve been really digging over the course of this pregnancy.  I find that so many “maternity” items are super girly, feminine, floral etc…which are sweet for many, just not really my vibe.  Also, to go a little psycho-analytic for a min, I think my fear that becoming a mother means my younger days are over– meh– so maybe my affinity for all things rebellious and edgy style wise these days is a reaction to that?! WWFS (What Would Freud Say?) “Edgy Maternity” is really not a popular or easy look to find pieces for, but hey, its me, so I’m willing to put in the effort to stay true to myself!

Anyway, sidenote- 2016, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, is the year of the Monkey! For our little guy on the way, this is, to me, the PERFECT sign for him– personality wise, “Monkeys” are supposed to be crafty, witty, funny, and a little bit sneaky (in a cute, not criminal way)– traits that I really love in people in general.  So excited to meet our little Monkey ❤

Shop my look through the links above and have an awesome week guys! Stay tuned for NYFW posts coming next week!




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