Ways to Wear: Slip Dress/Tee Combos

The good news about this look, is that there really are no rules! The whole idea behind 90s “grunge” looks is about breaking rules, or making your own– and for me, its all about contrast– this is the ultimate girly/tomboy look, which you guys know is my fave!
So here are a few ways that I’ve worn this look recently…if you like my exact pieces, I’ve linked the ones that are available beneath each pic:
1. Metallic Slipdress and dark tee:
Gold glitter slipdress: Zara |Grey fitted cropped tee: Forever 21 |
I love the idea of unexpected shine or metallic fabrics for day– just make sure you don’t look like you’re last night’s leftovers by pairing a gold or metallic slipdress like this one with daytime appropriate sneaks and a basic tee to ground the look.
2. Floral slipdress and white graphic tee:
I wore this look for a girls night, and actually based it around the gold heeled booties.  Since the floral slipdress had a low lace top, I chose a graphic white tee to have the text peek through the top, and kept the tee looking basic and boyish because of the girly pattern of the dress.  The gold boots keep it modern and not like I stepped out of a 90s time machine.
3. Blush lace slipdress and dark Ying-Yang tee:
Lace slip dress: Zara | Ying Yang symbol tee: Urban Outfitters 
Not usually one for lacey things, I picked up this version of the dress because of its neutral yet feminine color tone and sweet cut– I knew I would love pairing it with sharp booties like I did here or will in the future with sneaks.  I wanted major contrast here, so I wore this dark grey Ying Yang (sooooo 90s…who else had a tee like this in 7th grade!?) underneath to really play down the femme dress.
Shop my exact looks above through the links, or find below, a few other of my current fave slipdress/tee pairings– hope you guys find some inspo here and remember– you really can’t go (too) wrong with this look!
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Happy layering!

xo, ❤