Back in the Mix: My Classic Chloes + 70s Platform Sandal Revival

Every spring, I try to do a closet clean-out– I sell clothing, shoes and bags in good condition on either Poshmark (user name is ccomer6) or in person at a local Buffalo Exchange.  When it comes to deciding whether to keep or toss a particular piece, I use this rule of three:
1) Can I remember the last time I wore this piece? (in season, within the year usually)
2) What outfits do I build around this piece?
3) Is the piece either CURRENT (meaning on trend, modern, feels fresh- style wise, not referring to level of cleanliness lol) or CLASSIC (meaning it will never really go out of style.)
As I perused my shoe closet, I came upon these Chloe wooden platform sandals.  I remember buying these sandals very vividly– at a Bergdorf summer shoe sale way back in maybe 2005 or 2006.  This was just near the end of Phoebe Philo’s time at Chloe; and in my opinion, the height of Chloe’s success and notability as a fashion house.  They were doing lots of babydoll everything, flowy, feminine, very 60s and 70s style short dresses, all paired with chunky platforms like these.  It was literally love at first sight with these guys– they are my favorite kind of mix– masculine and feminine, sweet and fashion forward, reminiscent of the 1970s, yet modern paired with all my favorite short dresses.  I have so many good memories in them…My 24th and 25th birthdays were both spent in these shoes; one of my best girlfriends and I “shared” them on a tipsy walk home during a girls’ weekend getaway, when she couldn’t wear her shoes any longer because her feet hurt, yet we couldn’t bear the thought of her walking barefoot.  They are comfortable as any sneaker could be, and extra plus— they add a good 5 inches to my small frame!
So what was there to decide you ask (as I cleaned out my closet)? Why weren’t they automatic keepers?
For the past few seasons, after reigning as the shoe style of choice for the first decade of the 2000s, platforms were “out”.  Single sole, flat, streamlined, simple and clean shoes — minimalist in nature– completely took over.  Platforms became synonymous with the cheesiness of a Real Housewife’s over highlighted style.  If you were well-versed and well-heeled in fashion, you wore single soled shoes. Period.
Then, this season, the 70s came back– in a big way.  Chloe, Gucci and Valentino all showed platforms– paired with flared pants, short dresses, A-line minis and maxis.  All the shoes that came down the runway were similar to my cherished Chloes! These were not going anywhere.
So what’s the moral of this shoe story? No, it’s not to be a slave to trends, and keep only what’s in style– after all , I’ve cleaned out my closet every spring for the past 5 years, and haven’t gotten rid of the wooden Chloes just yet.  Some pieces, like people, will always be in your life.  They just make you feel good, and even though you don’t visit them every day, they show up just in time when you need them. So if a piece feels like it hits that rare sweet spot between trendy and classic, hang on to it!
What are your most cherished pieces? What pieces have come “back” and you’re glad you kept? Leave a comment sharing below!
Since my Chloes have been sold out for years, I linked several similar styles in various price ranges below– happy platform shopping!
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Update the Mix

 Chokers | Gold, of course
Clockwise from top: Vintage gold choker: via Brooklyn Flea Market | Gold hinged choker: JCrew | Gold, metal and pearl choker: Zara |Gold chain choker: Baublebar
unnamed (8)
unnamed (9)
unnamed (10)
Do you guys remember those chokers from the 90s that had, like a peace sign, dolphin or smiley face hanging from a black cord?! Those were the BEST!
However, these are not them.
The combination of 90s influence on current fashion and the lean towards minimalism that has been happening for a few seasons now, brings us the return of the choker– this time, sleek, sophisticated, and edgy.  Unlike the “statement necklaces” that have been everywhere for the past couple years (still going strong…these still work with more classic, romantic or feminine looks!), the chokers I’ve been obsessed with as of late are a cleaner, more modern look.  I look for ones that are impactful in their simplicity, edgy and of course, gold.  Gold chokers really elevate an outfit; they bring a basic sweater and jeans up a few fashionable notches; they add a sleek twist to a lace top (see above); add a sense of “now” to a white button down, and in the case of the pearl and gold choker from Zara, featured above, bring a vintage or retro inspired look into 2015.  Like me, I’m sure you have plenty of pendant necklaces, bohemian inspired chains, and floral or crystal statement necklaces– it’s time to add a choker to the mix! Trust, it’s a game changer.
Shop some of my favorites out right now below:
Gold Chokers