Update the Mix: Mirrored Sunglasses

Hi guys– happy Sunday! Since it’s FINALLY spring (ish), and the sun is shining (ish), I figured that lots of us are already breaking out the sunglasses– and looking to update our collections of sunnies.  Look no further than mirrored sunglasses if you want to try something new this spring/summer– I promise, these guys will make everything feel super current and new.  The reflective nature of these sunglasses can be a little jarring at first– like many fashion risks that feel uncomfortable at first– but once you get used to them, you will LOVE how they bring color and metallic shine to your looks.  I can’t wear my Wildfox Couture sunnies pictured above without smiling.  In my Spring Trends post, I promised shopping guides for each of my spring fashion “must haves”…below you’ll find my favorite mirrored sunglasses on the market currently, for all price points, starting at $60!
Cheers to sunny days ahead!
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Mix List: Spring Wishlist

As this current snowstorm dumps another 8 inches on New York, even I, the unremitting snow-lover, am thinking Spring.  I already picked up a few of the items on my Spring must-have list– since I’m so OVER my Sorels and scarves, I needed to get a jump start on some new Spring items! The Rebecca Minkoff marble clutch and Wildfox mirrored sunnies are anxiously awaiting the first sunny day brunch of the season!
A full Spring 2015 Trend Report on what you’ll need to update your own mix is coming this weekend…
Spring Wishlist

Shop my current Spring obsessions below:



Update the Mix: Fringe Benefits

Fringe | Fashion Week | Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2015

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unnamed (87)

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Above: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2015: NYFW- February 13th, 2015

I’m pretty sure I’ve always had a thing for fringe.  I remember my grandma having various fringe-y tablecloths and curtains, and me loving the feeling of running my fingers through the tassels; twisting them, swinging them, twirling them.  So imagine my excitement when the piecey pieces started showing up on runways (above) and from our favorite accessible stores like Zara and Asos!

I’ve owned a few fringe pieces for awhile now, and every time I wear them, I just get happy– it’s something about the movement and the bohemian, carefree flair that simultaneously satisfies my obsession with texture in an outfit.  When one of my all time favorite designers, Rebecca Minkoff, showed lots and lots of fringe on her runway today, at New York Fashion Week, it solidified for me that this trend would be around for at least another few seasons.  The looks shown above show fringe in its finest iteration: styled with 70’s downtown flair, with lots of maroons, deep golds, and of course black.  And no need to wait until next fall! Get some of these fabulous tassels in your mix NOW– I promise, they up the fashion factor of any outfit.

See below, some of my favorite fringe pieces in my current rotation:

unnamed (93)

unnamed (15)

unnamed (89)

Black fringe wrap skirt: Zara

unnamed (19)

Black metal chain fringe tank: Zara

unnamed (90)

unnamed (91)

Black swing sweater with leather fringe: Saks Off 5th 

unnamed (92)

Black pebbled leather crossbody bag with gold chain (“Disco bag”) : Gucci 

Shop my personal fringe picks below- these will work now, for spring, and into next fall, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge now!

Hope you enjoy your “fringe benefits” 😉




The Kooples top

5 48 black pullover


Proenza Schouler leather purse

Rebecca Minkoff fringe purse

Mix List: Under $200 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas <3

last minute Valentine's gifts $200
Last minute Valentine’s Gifts to Give or Get
Valentine’s Day is such a divisive holiday: Some of us love it and look forward to it, others loathe it, and some are indifferent to it (like my parents, who, when I asked them what they were doing for the holiday next Saturday, replied “We’ve been married for 40 years, so nothing special”).  I guess I’m somewhere in between “loving it and looking forward to it” and “indifferent”– until my parents’ response got me thinking– if you’ve been married for 40 years (#goals) or even only for a few months; if you’ve only gone on a few dates with someone, but felt a spark; if you’re single and loving your independence, or single and hating every minute of it, why NOT celebrate the idea of LOVE (or at least the prospect of it!)?!
Anyway, so that’s pretty much where I’m at right now, in terms of Valentine’s.  With a week to go, here are some fantastic last minute gift ideas, all at or around $200, to give or to get, that are sure to give you, or someone you love, the warm and fuzzies ❤
Shop the links below; or forward this post to your personal cupid!