Mix Must: Chic, but Functional Winter Boots


Coat: Andrew Marc via Bloomingdales (last season, similar one here)|Grey Sweater: Madewell|Boots: Sorel Caribou|Beanie: Nordstrom BP| Sunnies: Saint Laurent

Many times, fashion and function are like oil and water– they just don’t mix.  Take the ubiquitous pair of Uggs– not glamorous, often associated with tweens or your “basic”, Starbucks sucking, leggings wearing suburban girl (insert raised hand emoji here; no shame in my game). However, I triple dog dare anyone who has once owned and worn Uggs to bear a fall/winter season without them– we all have them, and will continue to wear them, even in secret, running to the store for milk or to the diner on weekends in sweats…
Enter the resurgence of the “duck boot”, which my sister and I used to make fun of my dear old mom for wearing for the past twenty years.  Companies like L.L.Bean, Sorel, and Sperry, which have been around way longer than we have at this point, must be rejoicing in the fact that these once “ugly” looking boots have become a must have in the closets of fashion girls everywhere! Finally– fashion and function come together, due the strong sense of IRONY (English teacher alert!) in fashion over the past oh, I’d say five or so years– if you ask me, this is a kind of pushback response to the in-your-face, flashy and tawdry “fashion” (think Juicy sweatsuits, logo-ed everything, low rise sparkly jeans, Britney Spears inspired looks) from the early 2000s.  Now, everything is “heritage” looking– even in home decor– “rustic”, make that “rustic chic” is an actual term (applaud or gag, not sure), mason jars are no longer for canning sauce but are hung from ceilings of expensive NYC restaurants as lighting fixtures; wood that is not “reclaimed” is out, out, out, and stores like Madewell can’t keep buffalo plaid in stock.  Even the plain white sneaker that I, like 95756389505 other girls are OBSESSED WITH, is a manifestation of this era in fashion.  I could go on for pages (but I won’t– fashion blog, not English essay…)
Anyway, so the point is, if you don’t have a pair of these “rustic-chic”, “heritage” boots, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? This is one classic, now a trend, that has stood the test of time, and will continue to keep our feet warm and dry, cute and comfy for many blizzards to come.
I organized my faves below in height order– the Sorel Caribou boots that I’m wearing above are what I’d call mid-height boots– for a petite chick like me, they are the perfect height.  Tall enough to be warm and keep snow from coming in, but not too tall so that I look like a five year old playing dress up.  The top row are short boots, mid height in the middle, and tall boots (I’d say for girls 5’5 and up!) are on the bottom.
Happy shopping!
xo, ❤
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Wishlist: My Rose Gold Gift Guide

Obviously, I LOVE and adore fresh flowers, especially pink or white roses– but let’s face it, they only last a week or so.  ROSE GOLD, on the other hand, is one type of rose that will never die! You guys are familiar with my penchant for all things with the midas touch by now, so I figured I’d put together a gift guide/wishlist with a sweet little twist on my favorite metallic- just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Hint, hint…any of the ROSY items below would make a perfect accomplice to a bunch of fresh (albeit fleeting) roses on the 14th ❤

Shop my rose gold picks below:



Untitled #34

Rebecca Minkoff leather sneaker

NIKE sport shoes

ASOS lace up shoes

Kate Spade tote handbag

Valentino evening handbag

GiGi New York genuine leather handbag

Ginette NY stud earrings

Coordinates Collection cuff jewelry

MIANSAI bracelet

Garmin rose gold jewelry

Ariel Gordon heart jewelry

Shashi twist ring

Rebecca Minkoff pearl earrings

Alex and Ani rose gold ring

Rebecca Minkoff accessory

Rag bone toiletry bag

Jonathan Adler candles candleholder

FRENDS Layla Headphones

Rose Gold

2016 Desk Diary, Rose Gold Metallics Leather Agenda | Graphic Image